The Benefits of Oil Pulling with Coconut Oil for Dental Health

Female in front of a sink rinsing with mouthwash in the morning.

Oil pulling is considered one of the oldest oral health practices in the world. People swish oil in their mouths to kill harmful oral bacteria. This technique primarily was first observed in India as a traditional form of medicine called Ayurveda. Through the years, oil pulling has become popular with many cultures and countries. Learn about the benefits of oil pulling with coconut oil for dental health.

Oil pulling involves swishing about 1 tablespoon of coconut, sesame or sunflower oil in the mouth. Some experts recommend spending 15-20 minutes moving the oil over teeth and gums. Then, spitting the oil into a trash receptacle, not into the sink, because it can clog the pipes.

Coconut oil seems to be the best choice, because it contains lauric acid. Lauric acid attacks oral bacteria that causes decay, bad breath, and plaque that can develop gum disease. Researchers discovered several benefits of oil pulling with coconut oil for dental health.

Kills bacteria, prevents decay

Your mouth contains several types of oral bacteria that can harm teeth and gums. The bacteria combine with sugars and starches in foods to form plaque that attacks tooth enamel and creates decay. Studies show that oil pulling with coconut oil draws out bacteria on teeth and gums. Then when the oil is spit into the trash, food particles and bacteria go with it.

Decreases inflammation, promotes healing

When oral bacteria and plaque attack teeth, the gums can become inflamed and bleed. These are symptoms of gum (periodontal) disease. Oil pulling helps remove the bacteria so gums can heal. Coconut oil contains anti-inflammatory properties that soothe the tissues by reducing inflammation. This is just one of the benefits of oil pulling with coconut oil for dental health.

Eliminates bad breath

Bad breath can be embarrassing. Sometimes bad breath develops from medications that dry out the mouth, such as during allergy season. Bad breath also develops from certain foods, such as onions, garlic, citrus, alcohol and fish. At least 50% of people experience bad breath at some time in their lives.

Here’s how it happens. Unhealthy bacteria settles on the tongue in and around the small bumps called papillae. This bacteria can cause bad breath. In addition to oil pulling, brushing the tongue helps remove the bacteria. Studies show that oil pulling acts like an antiseptic mouth rinse, killing and removing harmful bacteria. This relieves bad breath. So the benefits of oil pulling with coconut oil for dental health are many. It’s worth a look.


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