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Nerve Damage May Occur with Dental Implants

tooth implant

For individuals missing a tooth due to injury or excessive decay, dentists may recommend a dental implant to fill the vacant spot. This procedure involves affixing a titanium screw into the jawbone and then attaching a prosthetic tooth, which has been designed to fit in with surrounding teeth.

Dental implants have been a popular option since the 1980s, but recently dental researchers discovered that some patients experience permanent nerve damage if the procedure is not performed correctly.

Articles published by BBC News and DrBicuspid.com report that new research conducted by King’s College London discovered patients with implants have reported a variety of problems indicative of nerve damage following the procedure. These problems included constant pain, which affected eating, drinking and brushing teeth, numbness and speech difficulties.

Dental implants can cause nerve damage, warns study

Study finds dental implants may cause damage


If you or someone you know has a dental implant, were any problems or concerns experienced as a result of the procedure?