Is An Individual Dental Insurance Benefit Worth the Cost?

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When spending money on a product or service, most people want to know that they’re getting their money’s worth. It’s especially true for health insurance.

The majority of employees get employer-sponsored health coverage, including dental care. But not all workers qualify for these plans, such as part-time and contract employees and retirees. If you fit in this group, you may decide to get individual medical coverage for unexpected health problems. But you may wonder if an individual dental insurance benefit is worth the cost? Here are five things to consider.

Coverage levels

A key benefit of individual dental insurance is getting the coverage you need. Take a quick assessment of your oral health. If you’re teeth and gums are healthy, a basic plan could be the best option. If you have several crowns and/or gum problems, a plan with more coverage is a better choice. An individual dental plan can provide the level of care you need.

Day-One access

Many employer-sponsored dental plans have a waiting period before you can use it. But with Ameritas individual dental coverage, members have day-one benefits. That means you can go to the dentist the same day as you sign up for coverage.

Keep the plan

Another benefit of individual dental insurance is that it’s portable. This means you always have coverage. If you work part-time or are a contractor and work for different employers, you still have your dental coverage.


The cost of individual dental insurance is a small monthly investment. When dental care is needed, you won’t have to put off a procedure until you can afford it. And, you won’t have to dip into savings or use a credit card to pay the full cost of the dental bill.

An individual dental plan covers most, if not all, of an annual preventive dental exam. During this exam, you’ll receive a professional teeth cleaning. The dentist also will look closely at your teeth and gums for signs of oral problems or symptoms of medical conditions. With individual dental insurance, you also have the comfort of knowing you have benefits to help pay for the cost of fillings, root canals and crowns. Some plans even include a child orthodontic benefit for straightening teeth.

To save even more, look for an individual dental plan with the advantage of a dental network like the nationwide Ameritas Dental Network. Network providers agree to charge less, which saves you money. Because of this, the monthly plan premium may be lower, too. Just be sure there is a participating provider near you by visiting the dental insurance carrier’s website to find a provider.


Individual dental insurance offers you peace of mind that your smile is protected. You can be confident knowing the dental plan will help you take care of your teeth by providing benefits toward the professional care required to do so. With dental insurance, you can see the dentist regularly and enjoy the long-term benefits of healthy teeth and gums.

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