Advising Employees on How to Get Dental Insurance

Dentist giving exam to patient in dental office.

When you have an oral health problem, dental insurance can help cover the cost. But not everyone has dental coverage. Many employers offer dental benefits. But not all employees have access to these plans. Here’s what employers need to know when advising employees on how to get dental insurance.

Employer benefits

Most employers offer dental benefits to full-time employees, but there’s a chance they may not be using them. Ensure that employees understand how to sign up and use their dental insurance. Explain the value of dental benefits and why they should take advantage of preventive visits each year to maintain good oral health.

Other employees may not qualify for employer dental benefits, such as part-timers, independent contractors or semi-retired workers. These employees may decide to put off seeing the dentist until they are suffering from a painful toothache or sore gums. Or they may choose to look for a different employer who provides dental benefits.

Employers can avoid losing talented professionals by advising employees on how to get dental insurance. For example, businesses could offer a voluntary group dental plan and contribute to the small monthly fee, with participating employees paying the rest. Or, employees could pay all of the small monthly cost. Employers also could provide access to individual dental coverage that people purchase by themselves online. Educate employees on how to sign up for coverage and use these benefits to protect their oral health.

Many businesses are struggling financially and think they cannot afford to offer benefits to all workers. However, they should consider group voluntary or individual dental plan coverage options to meet employee needs.

Individual plans

Most employees can get individual dental coverage online through an insurance carrier, such as Ameritas. Make sure to recommend a carrier with an excellent reputation for quality plans and flexible coverage. The plans also must be backed by a carrier with a solid history of providing superior customer service. The often-overlooked benefit of individual dental insurance provides financial peace of mind.

It provides coverage for unplanned dental expenses. Some dental procedures can be costly, such as fillings, crowns and root canals. Individual dental benefits help cover these expenses, so people do not have to pay the full cost out-of-pocket. Plus, people who use one of the plan’s in-network dentists find that their dental benefits go further. Learn more about dental care expenses and why an individual dental insurance benefit is worth the cost. See how much dental procedures can cost without insurance with our out-of-network Dental Cost Estimator.

Another feature of individual dental insurance is that members get immediate coverage. Most carriers do not have waiting periods for preventive services, such as exams and cleanings. If there is a waiting period, it is usually for more expensive procedures. With an Ameritas individual dental plan, members have day-one coverage. They can go to the dentist on the same day they sign up.