Ameritas Online Tool Helps Members Estimate Dental Costs

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Concerns about cost are often the reason people put off going to the dentist. Research shows that most people have less than $1,000 saved for unexpected expenses. So they use their credit card to cover bills that exceed their monthly budgets, such as health and dental procedures. That’s why Ameritas dental insurance members can estimate dental costs before seeing the dentist. Review these options for using these dental cost estimator tools.

In-network dental cost estimator

Members can estimate dental costs in two ways:

Secure member account

Ameritas insurance plan members can sign into their existing secure account, or create a new one, at ameritas.com, account access.

  • Once signed in, on their dental page they have instant access to the “find a dental provider in-network dental cost estimator.” The system is programmed to use the correct dental network connected to the member’s plan. It also is set up to compare costs for up to three in-network dental providers.

Find a provider – provider search

Members also can search at ameritas.com for dental providers by selecting “find a provider,” “dental” then “network provider.” However, they will need to know which dental network is part of their plan.

Next, members can choose up to three dentists to compare by clicking the push-pin icon in the corner of each provider box. Then they can select the “dental cost estimator” link to compare costs.

  • Members will be directed to a “member ID lookup” page, where they’ll need to type in their existing secure member account user ID and click on “find member ID.” Then they’ll be directed to their secure member account to sign in.
  • For members who do not have a secure account set up yet, they can click on “create new member ID” and set it up.

Out-of-network dental cost estimator

In the member’s secure account, members also can see a cost range for out-of-network providers based on the usual and customary charges in their area. Members will want to check the footnotes on the site to see the range of percentiles that are being estimated.

In most cases, members will discover just how much money they can save by choosing an in-network provider. And while it doesn’t hurt to estimate dental costs before making an appointment, it’s always smart to contact providers directly and ask for exact costs up front.

Note: Ameritas updates the in-network and out-of-network dental cost estimator tools annually. This way members get current information so they can budget and plan their dental care accordingly.

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