3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Skip Your Dental Visit

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Your smile communicates many things about you to others. That’s why it’s important to take care of your oral health, so your teeth and gums always look and feel their best. Many people put off going to the dentist because they’re concerned about the cost of the exam, are afraid of feeling pain or hearing the sounds of the equipment, or they think it will take too much time. However, your oral health can impact your overall health and happiness. Know three reasons why you shouldn’t skip your dental visit.

  1. Enhance emotional well-being – How you feel about your looks affects your self-esteem, attitudes and responses to others. Often people who have crooked, yellow or missing teeth, hesitate to smile or talk with a hand over their mouth. Fortunately, the dentist can fix these problems, so you feel confident in sharing your smile with others. If people feel good about themselves, they tend to be happier and healthier.

  2. Maintain healthy teeth and gums – During dental exams, the dentist professionally cleans your teeth and gums by removing plaque and tartar. They also will check for signs of decay, loose teeth, gum disease, infection, cancer, and bite and jaw misalignment. Early detection reduces the need for expensive dental treatments. If you are apprehensive about your dental appointment, let your dentist know. Your dentist will understand and help you through the exam and cleaning.
  3. Identify medical problems – While checking your teeth, the dentist will look for signs of health problems, such as diabetes, hypertension, oral cancers, heart disease, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn’s disease, osteoporosis, acid reflux and dementia. Catching these medical problems early can help reduce the need for expensive tests and procedures. Plus, once you visit your medical doctor to address any issues found during your dental exam, you’ll be on your way to healing up and feeling better.

Tips for Healthy Teeth and Gums

  • Brush two times a day, after breakfast and at bedtime, for at least two minutes each time.
  • Floss between teeth once each day with flossers or dental floss.
  • Swish water or an antiseptic mouth rinse around your mouth to remove bits of food.
  • Schedule dental appointments once or twice a year for an exam and cleaning.

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