Comparison Shop for Dental Plans

Americans love choices.  We like to compare just about everything from clothing and shoe brands, restaurants, vehicles, styles of houses and cars, to grocery stores, hotels or vacation spots. The list could go on and on. We quickly develop our list of favorites, based on those experiences and options we like the most.

But how do you determine preferences for things that you can’t necessarily see or touch, such as employee dental benefit plans?  In national surveys, employees repeatedly rank dental insurance among their top benefits. There are many choices for dental benefits, so it is important for employees to know how to compare options to ensure they select the plan that will provide the right coverage for their needs as well as their dependents.

Employee Benefit News magazine has published an article identifying the “15 things to consider when comparing dental plans.” Read the article and share your feedback. (You may be asked to sign up for an account.)  Which dental plan features do you value the most? Which plan coverage options do you use the most?  Also, take a few minutes to learn about Ameritas Group Dental, considered one of the top dental providers in the country.


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