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Braces Help Keep Teeth Healthy


A smile often is the first thing you notice about someone. According to the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO), up to 75 percent of Americans could benefit from orthodontic treatment and improve their oral health. Crooked teeth and misaligned teeth can lead to tooth decay, worn tooth enamel, headaches or joint pain in the jaw.

Today’s orthodontic appliances are smaller in design and considered more comfortable. In the past treatment focused on pushing teeth into position; now tooth and mouth corrections are done with low friction and force.

Approximately 5 million people in North America are undergoing orthodontic treatments with braces in a variety of styles. Although metal braces are the most common, other popular styles are ceramic, Invisalign, Incognito, and Smart Clip appliance systems.

The AAO recommends children have an orthodontic screening at about age 7, or when the upper permanent front teeth appear, to identify current or potential problems and develop treatment options. For most kids, orthodontic treatment will be scheduled when they are older.

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If you’ve worn braces, which type did you choose and how long did you wear them?