Understanding the Benefits of Dentures

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A great smile can make a lasting impression. But sometimes people don’t smile because they are embarrassed by how their teeth look. Often, they have teeth missing due to decay or from an accident.

When people have missing teeth, their facial muscles can sag and cause lop-sided smiles. In addition, people with missing teeth may have problems chewing. Fortunately, dentists can repair smiles in several ways. One of them is by creating partial or full dentures. Here’s what you should know about the benefits of dentures.

Repairing smiles

A denture is a removable device that replaces missing teeth. It fits snugly against the gums so it looks as natural as possible. A complete denture is necessary when all of the natural teeth are missing. A partial is used to fill in areas around natural teeth. Periodically, the dentist will adjust the dentures for correct fit, wear and comfort.

If a dentist determines that a denture is the best treatment choice, here’s what happens. After removing the damaged teeth, dental measurements are taken and temporary dentures are made to fit the mouth. When the gums are healed, the final dentures are made. The benefits of dentures are realized in a full, happy smile and healthy gums.

Denture care

Dentures are made from delicate materials that may break if dropped. For that reason, dentists recommend storing dentures out of reach of children and pets.

People with dentures are encouraged to maintain good oral health habits. For example, they should gently clean their dentures each day with a soft-bristled toothbrush. This removes food deposits, plaque and stains. They also should brush their gums, tongue and palate before inserting their dentures. One of the benefits of dentures is that there are many products on the market to help keep them clean.

When wearing dentures, people may notice a difference when chewing foods or talking. As a result, it may be helpful to chew small bites of food on both sides of the mouth, and to practice saying difficult words out loud. These exercises help new denture wearers become comfortable with their new mouth gear. It will help give them confidence in wearing their dentures, so they can show off their beautiful new smile.

It’s possible to prevent tooth decay and keep natural teeth by regularly brushing and flossing. Read these tips for better oral health. In addition, find out why regular dental checkups and cleanings are so vital to keeping teeth and gums healthy.

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    I’ve had an upper denture for18 years and have6 real teeth left on bottom2 of which have fillings that are wearing away. I need a complete set. I am disabled n am searching for a good dental insurance so I can get this done because my physical health is being affected like my sleep apnia mask leaks without my teeth in and if I wear them thru night they hurt the skin between my gums n nose. Now I’m having heart Tachycardia with possible surgery upcoming. They fell in my sink n broke a tooth out that cost me$400 out of pocket to repair. Had gums scraped when teeth where pulled so probobly have gum disease. I have TMJ according to a ear doctor. So, being50 yrs old I’d love to do better n feel better. Lost them due to hysterectomy in early20’s. Need help!

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