10 Bad Foods for Your Oral Health

Individual snacking on chips and soda. These are bad foods for your oral health

It’s a well-known fact that candy causes tooth decay. But did you know that many other foods also are not good for your teeth? Protect your smile by limiting these 10 bad foods for your oral health.

  1. Apple cider vinegar

    It’s considered a cure for several health concerns, but apple cider vinegar is bad for your teeth. It contains high amounts of acid that can attack tooth enamel. If you drink small amounts of apple cider vinegar for health reasons, make sure to dilute it with water. Drink it in one sitting. Afterward, thoroughly rinse your mouth with fresh water to remove the acids from your teeth.

  1. Gummy vitamins

    These chewy treats contain essential vitamins. But they also have lots of sugar, which is bad for teeth. Since gummies are soft, they can stick to your teeth, allowing the sugar to attack tooth enamel. Instead of gummies, choose a pill or chewable vitamin that is not sticky. Gummy bears and worms can be fun snack foods, too, but you’ll want to rinse after eating them.

  1. Coffee and tea

    Many people need a cup of coffee or tea to get their day started. What could be bad about that? Well, both beverages contain acid that can attack teeth and gums. Coffee and tea also are diuretics, which can limit saliva and cause dry mouth. After enjoying a cup of coffee or tea, swish some water around your teeth to remove any acids.

  1. Cough drops

    Sucking on a cough drop can help relieve a nagging tickle from a cold or allergies. But don’t keep a cough drop in your mouth all day long. Most cough drops contain sugar, so they are similar to a piece of candy. They’re bad for teeth. After sucking on a cough drop, rinse your mouth out with a little warm water to remove any acids or pieces stuck to your teeth.

  1. Energy and sports drinks

    These popular drinks contain lots of sugar and acids. Also, they are made with a sticky substance that gives the energy drink its color, and that can stick to your teeth, too. A better choice is to drink water for hydration. But if you need an energy boost and have a sports drink, swish clean water around your teeth to rinse them off.

  1. Sweetened yogurt

    It’s supposed to be good for your body, so how can yogurt be a bad food for your teeth? Plain yogurt is good. However, yogurt sweetened with fruit or juice fruit is a bad food for your teeth. Instead, to protect your smile, add fresh fruit to plain yogurt and enjoy!

  1. Alcohol

    Many people enjoy a beer, mixed drink, cocktail or wine with a meal, or to relax after work. But alcohol can dry out oral tissues and cause decay. Plus, wine, cocktails and beer have sugars or carbonation that attack tooth enamel. Alcohol can be present in mouth wash as well, so be sure to choose one that’s alcohol-free.

  1. Dried fruit

    While dried fruit tastes yummy, it’s similar to candy and is bad for your teeth. Dried fruit has a lot of sugar, and the sticky pieces can get trapped between teeth and along the gums. Instead, bite into a fresh apple or pear, or enjoy slices of peaches or watermelon. Then swish a little fresh water around your teeth and gums to remove any food particles. If you like fresh oranges, you should know that citrus is acidic, making the water rinse especially important.

  1. Soda

    A 12-oz can of soda has 10 teaspoons of sugar and is acidic. The sugar and acid work together to break down tooth enamel and cause decay. Instead of sipping on a soda throughout the day, drink it in one sitting. Then drink some water and swish it around your teeth. Tip: If you enjoy your soda on ice, avoid chewing on the ice. It’s hard on teeth, too.

  1. Spaghetti

    This popular food item contains tomatoes and pasta, which together are bad foods for your teeth. Tomatoes are acidic and pasta has a lot of carbohydrates that bacteria like. Together they attack your teeth and cause decay. Like pasta, bread also is full of carbs. But they both are delicious! So keep that fresh water handy.

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