5 Tips to Protect Your Oral Health

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Brushing and flossing daily and limiting sugary sweets and sodas are habits dentists recommend to ensure you’ll have healthy teeth and gums as you age. But there are several other things you can do to protect your oral health. Consider these five tips:

Tip #1 – Avoid sharing spoons, straws and other utensils with others because the oral bacteria that cause cavities spreads through saliva.

Tip #2 – Pregnant women should have regular dental visits and be treated for tooth decay (skip the X-rays, though). Otherwise, the mother’s gums may become infected and spread bacteria into her bloodstream, which can cause a baby to be born early or at a low weight.

Tip #3 – Schedule regular dental appointments for checkups and professional cleanings. Your dentist will check for signs of oral health and possible medical issues that could lead to serious complications, such as diabetes, stroke or heart disease, if not treated promptly. If you have a medical condition or family history that requires frequent dental checkups, your dentist will let you know.

Tip #4 – Check the sugar content of healthy foods. Many smoothies and cold-pressed juices have a high concentration of sweeteners. If you drink the beverage and swish it around, the sugars can sit on your teeth and gums. Those sugars may join up with oral bacteria and be converted into acids that erode tooth enamel and cause cavities. Dentists recommend using a straw to sip healthy drinks and waiting at least 45 minutes before brushing your teeth to avoid breaking down tooth enamel.

Tip #5 – Eat cheese when drinking wine. Research shows red wine can stain teeth, and the acids in white wine can damage enamel. But eating cheese with wine helps to protect teeth from these problems. In addition, when you can’t brush right away, you can rinse your mouth with water.

It makes sense that people with dental insurance tend to visit the dentist, but they may not be getting the full value available.

Plus, dental checkups have changed in recent years due to advances in technology. Review this blog to find out what’s changed.

  • Discovery Dental WA ,

    It is essential for everyone to protect the oral health to maintain their overall health. The tips mentioned in your post seem beneficial for those who are suffering from dental problems.

    • Pinewood Dental ,

      Those who are suffering from the dental problem should follow these tips. You have shared very important tips to protect the oral health in this blog.

      • Elgin Dentist ,

        These tips must be followed by everyone to avoid the dental problems. Definitely, this blog will help people to protect their oral health. Great Tips!

        • Ameritas Insight ,

          Glad you liked it!

          • Ameritas Insight ,

            Thanks! Glad you enjoyed the info in this post.

            • Elgin Dentist ,

              I appreciate you for sharing these helpful tips to protect oral health. Definitely, I will recommend your post to my friends.

              • Alta Dental Care ,

                Thanks for sharing tips to protect oral health! By following such tips, we may get improve our oral health to maintain beautiful and healthy smile.

                • Angela Waterford ,

                  It’s so hard to avoid sugary foods, even in foods that are supposedly healthy! I will be sure to use a straw for sure. Also, I’ve heard that simply rinsing with water after eating sugary or acidic foods can really help with protecting your teeth. Is that true?

                  • Tyler Meredith ,

                    I like what this article mentions about scheduling regular visits to the dentist. I think that by having more regular visits, I would be able to have any problems detected and fixed sooner rather than later. This would really help in the long run, so I’ll definitely have to keep this in mind for my next visit.

                    • Ameritas Insight ,

                      Rinsing your mouth with water after eating any food will help keep fewer food particles on your teeth. Brushing and flossing are even better!

                      • Ethel ,

                        I didn’t know that sharing silverware could spread cavities between people. I wasn’t aware that cavities were transmittable. I am going to the dentist in the next couple months, so I will make sure to avoid sharing utensils!

                        • Chelsea@Dentalspa ,

                          brushing your teeth last thing at night and at least one other time during the day, with a fluoride toothpaste. Good eating habits – having sugary foods and drinks less often.

                          • Judy Wilson ,

                            Your second tip about how pregnant women should regularly see a dentist seems really important for me to know. I recently found out that I’m pregnant, so I should be concerned about preventing gum disease. If having infected gums can spread bacteria into my bloodstream and affect my child, then I’ll be sure to keep my oral health in tip top shape. Thanks for the tips!

                            • Rockford Johnson ,

                              Great post! Dental problems is a reoccurring thing in my family so knowing how to protect my oral health will really help me in the long run. I really like how you said to “Schedule regular dental appointments for checkups and professional cleanings. Your dentist will check for signs of oral health and possible medical issues that could lead to serious complications, such as diabetes, stroke or heart disease if not treated promptly.” I have not had dental problems yet so it is good to know that regular visits to the dental office will help me to prevent any problems from occurring.

                              • Ameritas Insight ,


                                • David Hawkins ,

                                  Checking sugar content on food sounds like a good idea. I remember looking at the sugar content of apple juice and being very surprised how much was in it. I’ll just have to be more cautious and follow my dentist’s advice about how frequently I brush my teeth. Thanks for the great dental advice!

                                  • Ameritas Insight ,

                                    Glad it was helpful!

                                    • Aria Wellington ,

                                      I really like your tip about seeing a dentist regularly! On my last visit to the dentist, I was informed that I had the beginning stages of gum disease even though I brush my teeth religiously! Flossing is something that I have struggled with but I have formed good habits. I am excited to see what progress I have made upon my next visit.

                                      • Nash Rich ,

                                        I used to drink a lot of soda and now I drink hardly any, and I haven’t had any cavities for a while. I also brush and floss a lot more, so that’s probably the main cause. I thought it was interesting that cheese helps protect your teeth when drinking wine. That’s really interesting. Thanks for the info!

                                        • Patricia Anderson ,

                                          I’m glad I read this before I got pregnant because I didn’t know that if you are pregnant you need to continue having regular dental visit. There are so many things women have to monitor to make sure they don’t hurt their babies! When I get pregnant some day I’m going to be sure to have regular dentist appointments. I hope that this will help my future children be healthy when they are born!

                                          • Faylinn ,

                                            Yesterday, my dentist and I talked about how I could take better care of my oral hygiene and decrease the amount of bacteria that is in my mouth, because there are over 200 different types of bacteria that we don’t even realize that are in there. However, I had no idea that by sharing utensils and straws that could allow someone else’s bacteria to spread to me. I am definitely going to be more careful the next time I share food or a drink with someone!

                                            • Kyler Brown ,

                                              I’ll never turn down tips for oral health. My wife actually teases me for being obsessed with my teeth. I had no idea that sharing utensils can actually lead to cavities. These are great tips so thanks for sharing.

                                              • John Carston ,

                                                I don’t particularly enjoy going to the dentist but these tips should help me to reduce the work I need done in the long run. I need to make a habit of checking the sugar content of foods and find another sweet alternative. Thanks for the helpful dental tips.

                                                • Kenneth Gladman ,

                                                  I didn’t know that eating cheese with your wine would help benefit your teeth. My wife and I drink in the evenings and are aware of the way it damages our teeth. I think we will have to be getting some cheese to eat.

                                                  • April Cook ,

                                                    I haven’t been the best about taking care of my teeth in the past, but I’m determined to do better. I didn’t know that cavity causing bacteria could be spread through sharing utensils, so I’ll stop doing that. Hopefully next time I visit the dentist my teeth will be in better shape! Thanks for these great tips!

                                                    • Alicia ,

                                                      Same problem here for me as April…need to change my way of life.
                                                      Thanks for the article!

                                                      • Charles ,

                                                        I didn’t know that pregnant women should have more regular visits but skip the x-rays. It makes sense from what you said about getting an infection and it spreading to the baby. I personally would want to protect my baby with everything that I had and if I had to see the dentist more than I would.

                                                        • Charles Kemp ,

                                                          Thank you for the tips on how to protect your oral health. I like what you said in tip #4. I have heard that you can have sugar but to watch how much you get. My aunt is a dentist and she has told me that you should watch how often you eat sweets because of how it breaks down your teeth over time.

                                                          • Alise Harper ,

                                                            I didn’t know that during pregnancy you need to have a regular visit to make sure there is no tooth decay causing bacteria to go through the bloodstream and can affect the baby. I recently found out I am pregnant and will definitely call my dentist to schedule an appointment to make sure my teeth are healthy and won’t cause any problems for the baby. I will also pass along this information to all my pregnant friends to make sure they visit their dentist. Thanks for the useful information!

                                                            • Ameritas Insight ,

                                                              Glad you found the information helpful. And congratulations.

                                                              • Jeff Curtis ,

                                                                Thanks for this helpful information on protecting your oral health. I really like what you mentioned about checking the sugar content of healthy foods. Sometimes people think that healthy food is automatically good for you in every way. I also like what you said about why exactly sugar is bad. Thanks for the help!

                                                                • Annie Frances ,

                                                                  One of my friends is pregnant and just moved to a new area. I really think she should see a dentist soon to make sure her baby will be born healthy. I hope she can find a good dentist in her new area. Thanks for the tips.

                                                                  • Justin Knox ,

                                                                    Thank you for the tips. I have definitely slacked too much with dental care recently, but I am going to the dentist next week. I know that regular appointments are very important, as you mentioned. Do you think twice a year is the ideal amount for check ups at the dentist?

                                                                    • Abélia ,

                                                                      I hadn’t realized that sharing straws and utensils spread oral bacteria that can cause cavities. I will make sure to avoid that situation, as well as decrease my sugar intake. My teeth always bleed when I floss them. Is there any flossing techniques I could use to prevent this? I appreciate your dental tips on protecting your oral health. Thanks for sharing!

                                                                      • Ameritas Insight ,

                                                                        Typically, the more you floss, the less your gums will bleed.

                                                                        • Ameritas Insight ,

                                                                          It’s different for everyone. Some need to only go once a year, some need to go more. Your dentist will be able to tell you what’s best for you.

                                                                          • Kody Loveless ,

                                                                            Thanks for the tips. I really like how you said to look out for how much sugar healthy food has. I have a smoothy almost every day. I had never considered the sugar in it could be harming my teeth. I will have to look up how much sugar is in a serving. I like my smoothies but I do not want to end up hurting my teeth.

                                                                            • Brooke McAvoy ,

                                                                              It is interesting that cheese will protect your teeth from the stains of wine. Does it protect them from other things as well? It would probably do me good to incorporate more cheese in my diet to get the calcium that I need, and it would be a bonus if it protected my teeth. Thank you for such a helpful article and for all of the applicable tips!

                                                                              • Charles Kemp ,

                                                                                I like that you mention scheduling regular dental appointments for checkups and professional cleanings. That is how you can really protect your oral health. You also can get some great advice from just listening to the dentist and what he has to say because there is a lot that you can improve on so you have good oral health.

                                                                                • Bélise ,

                                                                                  Although I knew that red wine wasn’t good for your teeth, I had no idea that it can stain the teeth. I will be sure to eat cheese when drinking wine to avoid this. I appreciate your tips to protect oral health. I will be careful to avoid sharing utensils and straws with others as well. Thank you for the helpful tips!

                                                                                  • mark david ,

                                                                                    One of my friends is pregnant and just moved to a new area. I really think she should see a dentist soon to make sure her baby will be born healthy. I hope she can find a good dentist in her new area. Thanks for the tips.

                                                                                    • dental care ,

                                                                                      Great tips. Never heard the cheese trick. Will definitely have to try 🙂

                                                                                      • Kendall Ryder ,

                                                                                        I had no idea that cheese helped to prevent wine from damaging your teeth. That is good to know, because I want to do everything I can to make sure my teeth are staying healthy can looking good. It is good that everyone know what they need to do in order to take care of their teeth properly.

                                                                                        • Rockford Johnson ,

                                                                                          It was cool to learn about how I can protect my oral healthy. Thank you for explaining that regular dental appointments help to keep your oral health clean. I hope that sharing this article with my sister can help her to know how she can keep my niece’s oral hygiene healthy.

                                                                                          • Cindy Tesler ,

                                                                                            I love your second tip for pregnant women to get regular dental checkups. More specifically you said that they should get checked for tooth decay to prevent possible bacteria from spreading to her bloodstream. I think it’s a good idea to choose a dentist that has emergency hours so that you can get an appointment whenever you need one in a hurry.

                                                                                            • Johnny McCarron ,

                                                                                              I love your advice to check the sugar content. I’m thinking about doing things to be healthier. And, I understand that your oral health has an impact on your overall health. Do you have any other tips about getting healthier if you are trying to improve your oral health?

                                                                                              • Ameritas Insight ,

                                                                                                Hi Johnny, We’re glad you found this information helpful! We invite you to look through our other dental blogs for additional information. Some recent blogs include information on flossing and choosing the right toothpaste, toothbrush and mouth rinse. You can view all of our dental blogs here: https://www.ameritasinsight.com/wellness/dental.

                                                                                                • Johnny McCarron ,

                                                                                                  I like your advice to check the sugar content of foods that you eat. Many people eat more sugar than they think. However, if you aren’t careful, you will likely find yourself struggling with your oral health. Do you have any other tips about taking care of your teeth?

                                                                                                  • Ameritas Insight ,

                                                                                                    • Ridley Fitzgerald ,

                                                                                                      Oral health has always been really important to me. I didn’t know that pregnant women should actually be seeing the dentist more often for tooth decay. My wife is pregnant with our first child, so I will show her this!

                                                                                                      • Jade Brunet ,

                                                                                                        It is good to know that one should check the sugar content of healthy foods in order to protect your oral health. I did not knwo that many smoothies and cold-pressed juices have a high concentration of sweeteners. I have also heard that it is great to floss each day to enhance gum health which will help you in many other ways as well.

                                                                                                        • Payam Khalepari ,

                                                                                                          It is always recommended to have annual oral checkup with your dentist. Avoiding sugary and soda products will definately protect your oral health. Brushing twice a day and regular flossing will ensure that you have healthy teeth and gum. Since we can’t reach the toughest area for cleaning it is recommended to have regular cleaning done with your dentist.

                                                                                                          • Bobby Saint ,

                                                                                                            I totally agree with tip # 3 to always regularly schedule an appointment with your dentist for a routine check-up. It is recommended to visit your dentist at least twice a year so your doctor can check if you have damaged teeth or if cleaning is necessary. This way, you can prevent getting tooth decay or gum disease. Plus, you will also not be prone to any other diseases that may be correlated with oral health. I would definitely keep this in mind and make sure to visit my dentist regularly. Thanks.

                                                                                                            • Best dentist Coquitlam ,

                                                                                                              Very informative post. It is very informative post. The tips you have shared in this post is very informative. I would definitely try to follow your tips to protect Oral Health. Thanks for sharing this information with us.

                                                                                                              • Alen Smith ,

                                                                                                                Great Tips!! One should brush teeth twice during night and morning. Brushing at night is most important to prevent cavities from building due to food present in your teeth for the whole night!

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