Male lying on the couch with icepack on his cheek for a toothache.

6 Times When People Wish They Had Dental Insurance Benefits

Most people make choices they wish they could change, especially when it involves their health. They spend an hour (or two) playing games on their digital devices, and later think they should have spent the time exercising. Or they eat too many fried foods and forget to add salad, fruit or vegetables. It’s the same … Read Full Article

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How Games Help Dentists and Eye Doctors Engage with Customers

Most American adults spend more than 11 hours on digital devices every day, research shows. People use digital devices for work or school assignments, but they also spend hours on gaming activities each day. Gaming companies design exciting games that people love to play. Now, health care professionals are getting involved in gamification. Learn how … Read Full Article

Close up of a young African American woman brushing her teeth with an electric toothbrush.

Innovative New Dental Products

Most people know they need to brush and floss their teeth daily for good health. However, these daily habits can get boring, so people may not always brush and floss as they should. One way to keep daily oral care interesting is to try something new. Review four types of new dental products that could … Read Full Article

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5 Tips for Good Oral Health

Brushing and flossing daily are two things people can do to care for their teeth and maintain good oral health. But there are several other good habits that contribute to a healthy mouth as well. Review these five tips for a lifetime of good oral health and wellness. Schedule regular dental exams Seeing the dentist … Read Full Article

Young child with braces in dental chair getting a check-up.

Dental Braces for Kids: 6 Things Parents Should Know

Teenagers and braces seem to go together. As their teeth develop, some may come in crooked, causing overcrowding and bite problems. Historically, orthodontists have waited to treat these issues with dental braces or removable appliances until the teenage years when teeth and mouths are mostly developed. However, dentists and orthodontists now are starting to make … Read Full Article

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Individual Dental and Vision Insurance for Part-Time and Gig Workers

Most full-time workers have access to employer-sponsored group dental and vision benefits. But many other employees don’t qualify for health benefits through an employer. These individuals may work part-time, be semi-retired or work temporarily as self-employed “gig” contractors. They may purchase a medical plan to help cover unexpected or catastrophic medical conditions. Many also would … Read Full Article

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4 Ways Mental Health Can Affect Teeth and Gums

About 21% of American adults, or 52.9 million people, struggle with mental health issues. Mental health problems can cause medical problems, like diabetes, heart disease and stroke. They can impact people in many ways, such as depression, stress and anxiety. But research shows that mental health problems also can cause people to engage in behaviors … Read Full Article

Happy female patient looking in hand held mirror after dental treatment at clinic.

4 Tips for Purchasing Individual Dental Insurance

Dental insurance is a popular health benefit. Some people have access to dental coverage through their employers. But some part-time employees, contract workers and retirees have to get it on their own. Review four tips for purchasing individual dental insurance. Yes, it’s worth the investment Sometimes, people hesitate to buy dental insurance because they aren’t … Read Full Article

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How Much Does Private Dental Insurance Cost?

Most people know that healthy teeth and gums are essential for good overall health. They try to brush and floss their teeth daily. But often, they put off scheduling regular dental checkups because of the cost. However, dental insurance doesn’t have to be expensive. So, how much does private dental insurance cost? Review these answers … Read Full Article