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7 Tips for Vision Care

Sight is the No. 1 sense that people value, national vision experts report. But people often take their eyes for granted. Here’s a list of seven tips for vision care recommended by the experts:

eye infections

Diagnosing and Curing Pink Eye

The medical term for pink eye is conjunctivitis, and it’s an infection that affects the inside of the eyelid and the thin, clear covering of the white part of the eye (called the conjunctiva). When the tissue becomes inflamed, the blood vessels swell and turn red, making the white area of the eye look pink.


Are You at Risk for an Eye Infection?

If you’ve experienced red, itchy eyes, you may have wondered whether it’s a symptom of allergies or dry eyes or a more serious condition, such as an eye infection. Here is an overview of the symptoms associated with both types of ailments.

Tips to Avoid Dental and Eye Infections

During your life, you may have experienced a variety of infections – some minor, some more severe. Despite the type of infection, it is important to provide appropriate care to avoid serious health concerns.

Wash Hands

Protect Your Eyes and Health: Wash Your Hands!

Throughout the day, we collect dirt and germs on our hands, and these germs are easily transferred when touching our eyes, nose or mouth, increasing the possibility of getting sick. Washing your hands frequently throughout the day helps control the spread of viruses and other bacteria.


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