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6 Things to Avoid for Healthy Teeth

Your smile can give a wonderful first impression. That’s why it’s important to keep your teeth and gums healthy. Review six things that can ruin your smile, as provided by Health. 1. Tobacco – Smoking cigarettes can yellow teeth, experts report. Tar from tobacco products leaves a sticky film on teeth that can collect bacteria, … Read Full Article

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5 Facts About Healthy Brown Fat

Not all fat is the same. People have white fat, which stores excess calories, and brown fat, which is designed to burn calories and produce heat. Learn five facts about brown fat as featured in Reader’s Digest: 1. Location in the body – White fat is stored throughout the body, but brown fat usually is found in small … Read Full Article

strong bones

4 Ways Kids Develop Healthy Bones

Strong muscles help children develop healthier bones, researchers report. Since bones are living tissue, children need to participate in weight-bearing activities and physical exercise. Consider these four ways kids can develop healthy bones:   Participate in weight-bearing activities – During teenage years, the lifetime bone mass of a person is reached. The greatest gain is … Read Full Article

The Truth About Working Off Unhealthy Food Choices

If you dine out with friends and enjoy a few adult beverages and a rich dessert, you may think you can work out twice as long the next day to offset those choices. Unfortunately, that’s not true. Nutrition and fitness experts report many people believe this myth, but in reality, our bodies don’t work that … Read Full Article

How to Avoid Dry Skin and Dehydration

During the winter months, it’s common to have problems with dry skin. Maybe your hands are rough and chapped, your face feels tight and itchy or your legs have a snake-skin pattern. Dry skin occurs when air temperatures are cold, humidity is low or you’re dehydrated. Review these dry skin prevention and hydration tips.

Meals of the Future: Solid Foods or Drink Mixes

Home-cooked meals may be obsolete in the future. New organic powder mixes provide an all-natural way to drink your meals. If public perception can be swayed, soon we may say goodbye to eating solid foods and hello to consuming liquid mixes for meals. Eat healthy, anytime U.S. News & World Report explains that two companies … Read Full Article

dandelion greens

Are Dandelion Leaves Healthy?

For centuries, the dandelion root has been used for medicinal purposes, but scientists state that the entire plant is edible. Most natural food stores carry a variety of products made from dandelions, including teas, capsules or tablets, tinctures and several herbal remedies.

healthy eating

Enjoy the Benefits of Lean Meats

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), lean meats are the most complete source of protein. Other foods high in protein include eggs, cheese and legumes, such as soybeans, peas, beans and peanuts.


Seven Foods to Avoid for Better Health

If you are wondering which foods to avoid, review the following information published in Prevention magazine. It covers seven foods that contain minimal nutrition or excessive toxins and chemicals, as well as healthier options.


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