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6 Tips to Relax and Stay Healthy When Flying

6 Tips to Relax and Stay Healthy When Flying

Long lines, crowded waiting areas, packed restaurants, delayed flights and stressed people: flying can be challenging. If you’re traveling for vacation, business or pleasure, review several healthy tips for your next flight as featured in Reader’s Digest. 1. Take the first flight – Avoid long lines and delays by scheduling the earliest flight possible. The … Read Full Article

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10 Healthy Foods That Fight Diseases

People often believe prescription medications are the only option for fighting disease. However, eating healthy meals also can help fight diseases. Read 10 healthy suggestions provided by WebMD: Beans and legumes – These yummy veggies are bursting with folic acid, fiber, iron, magnesium, phytochemicals and protein. Eat beans regularly to lower blood cholesterol and triglycerides, … Read Full Article


Help Kids with Healthy Meals

Children often use a lot of calories throughout the day, especially during school hours. It’s important that they consume healthy foods that will provide the fuel their bodies need to think and participate in activities.


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