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3 Emerging Trends in Wellness Programs

3 Emerging Trends in Wellness Programs

First introduced in businesses over 40 years ago, wellness programs have become important employee benefits. Currently, about 83 percent of large employers provide wellness choices to encourage employees to establish health goals and pursue active lifestyles. Early wellness programs focused on health screenings and educational services. But new trends are emerging as employers seek to … Read Full Article

6 Tips to Relax and Stay Healthy When Flying

6 Tips to Relax and Stay Healthy When Flying

Long lines, crowded waiting areas, packed restaurants, delayed flights and stressed people: flying can be challenging. If you’re traveling for vacation, business or pleasure, review several healthy tips for your next flight as featured in Reader’s Digest. 1. Take the first flight – Avoid long lines and delays by scheduling the earliest flight possible. The … Read Full Article

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Are the Foods You Eat Safe?

Do you know whether the foods you eat are safe? Health experts and government officials are concerned about food safety and continually check products for harmful substances. Three sources of concern are artificial food dyes, canned foods and chocolate. 1. Food dyes – According to Prevention magazine, the use of artificial food dyes has quintupled … Read Full Article

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5 Lunch Choices That Keep Teeth Healthy

Eating a “sack lunch” at school or work can become boring. It may be tempting to buy pre-made lunch items at the store, but often these choices have preservatives and extra salt that are not good for your body, teeth or gums. Consider these five choices for lunches that can keep teeth healthy: 1. Protein – … Read Full Article

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7 Common Weight Loss Mistakes

Weight loss may require more than working out at the gym or eating differently. Research shows many people have misconceptions about how to lose weight. While there isn’t a magic formula, it’s best to avoid these seven common mistakes: 1. Healthy foods – Often people think they can eat unlimited amounts of “healthy” foods. While … Read Full Article

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10 Healthy Foods That Fight Diseases

People often believe prescription medications are the only option for fighting disease. However, eating healthy meals also can help fight diseases. Read 10 healthy suggestions provided by WebMD: Beans and legumes – These yummy veggies are bursting with folic acid, fiber, iron, magnesium, phytochemicals and protein. Eat beans regularly to lower blood cholesterol and triglycerides, … Read Full Article


5 Ways to Focus on Healthy Living in Winter

Colds, flu, sore throats, pneumonia and bronchitis are common ailments people experience during the winter season. It is possible to survive the cold weather months by taking steps to focus on healthy living. Here are five ideas provided by Don’t touch your eyes and nose – A study in the Journal of Occupational Health … Read Full Article


5 Healthy Halloween Habits

Halloween is the #1 candy season of the year. Americans typically spend more than $2.5 billion on candy to share with kids who trick-or-treat. Some people look for healthier options to share with kids, such as organic candy and fruit snacks, stickers, sugar-free gum or small toys. Wonder what nutritionists do on Halloween? Review five … Read Full Article

6 Foods That Help Keep You Full

When your stomach growls and the munchies hit during the day, or night, you may wonder whether to ignore them or feed them. Nutritionists say eating healthy foods at meals will help keep you feeling more satisfied between meals. They recommend six foods:

7 Healthy Foods Experts Recommend

Health and nutrition professionals regularly provide advice on unhealthy foods and beverages people enjoy, but should avoid. Wondering what health and nutrition experts purchase at the grocery store? Review this list of seven vitamin-packed foods they eat regularly:


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