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Can a Cold Affect Your Hearing?

Colds are often caused by rhinoviruses – invisible droplets in the air we breathe or on things we touch. Scientists have discovered that there are more than 105 different types of rhinoviruses that can attack your immune system and make you sick.

3 Important Signs of Infant Ear Infections

Infants frequently have a runny nose, feel warm, are cranky, or pull on their eyes. Parents and caregivers may assume their child is teething or has a cold. But did you know these also are signs of an ear infection? Colds and ear infections are the two most prevalent health disorders young children experience. Infants … Read Full Article

Impact of Mouth Breathing

Dental and medical experts report that kids’ breathing habits may significantly impact their health and physical development. According to medical experts, breathing through the nose provides many health benefits:

Reoccurring Ear, Lung and Sinus Infections

It’s not uncommon for adults and children to experience ear, lung or sinus infections during the cold and flu season. They may be treated with home remedies, but often a prescription antibiotic is required to kill the bacteria causing the problem. Some people experience recurring infections, causing doctors to search for new solutions, though.

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Newborn Hearing Screenings

Babies start learning as soon as they are born, and hearing is a key sense they use to become aware of the world around them. That’s why it is important for newborns to have a health screening in the first few days after birth.


Relief for Airplane Ear

Airplane ear is an injury to the middle ear caused by unequal pressure between your middle ear and the cabin. It usually transpires when fluid builds up in the ear due to a sinus infection, cold, allergies or congestion. It may occur in one or both ears and usually causes temporary pain and hearing loss.


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