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7 Health Problems Dentists Can Detect

Did you know hygienists and dentists can detect clues about your health during a dental exam? Not only can they see signs of cavities, gum disease and oral cancer, they may notice symptoms of other medical conditions. 1. Diabetes – Abscesses by tooth roots or on the gums between teeth are caused by bacterial infection. … Read Full Article

5 Oral Health Problems Older Adults Should Avoid

Your teeth change as you age. Years ago older people automatically replaced their teeth with dentures. But thanks to preventive dental care, more people are keeping their teeth. Dental insurance helps pay the bill for regular dental appointments, including professional cleanings and exams, to help people avoid oral health problems that may occur with age. Here’s a … Read Full Article


Remedies for Common Dental Problems

Your bowl of chili looked hot and, guess what, it was! Now you’re reeling from the pain of a burned tongue and looking for quick relief. Review the following treatment advice for this malady as well as remedies for seven other common dental health problems.


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