Topic: Affordable Care Act

4 Presidential Election Health Care Hot Topics

Most Americans believe issues related to the Affordable Care Act will affect their presidential choice later this year. According to, a Bankrate survey found 85 percent of respondents believe health care reform will play an important role in how they vote. Health care businesses also are evaluating the impact of the law and exploring … Read Full Article

Health Care Ideas Debated by 2016 Presidential Candidates

In the final months of the 2016 presidential elections, the candidates will share their positions on many issues. One of the key topics is the future of America’s health care system. During debates and speeches, the candidates may use many unfamiliar terms, such as three ideas featured in Forbes. 1. Pay-for-value health care – Physicians … Read Full Article

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3 Things Employers Need to Know About ACA Changes

The Affordable Care Act was implemented six years ago. At first, large employers were stressed about keeping up with ACA changes, meeting requirements and managing costs. Due to several delays in the implementation of regulations, many large employers now are focused on other business issues and plan to adjust benefits as new ACA regulations are introduced. … Read Full Article

3 Ways Americans Cope With Health Care Costs

As health care costs continue to rise, many Americans are reviewing their needs and budgets to determine the best way to respond. Forbes identified three decisions people are making: Low premiums – When evaluating health care benefits, Americans are selecting plans with the lowest premiums. However, plans with low monthly premiums may feature a limited … Read Full Article


5 Health Care Issues Presidential Candidates Must Address

On average, Americans spend $1,318 out of pocket before health insurance starts covering a portion of their bills, according to a 2015 Employer Health Benefits Survey. This represents an 83 percent increase from 2005. With the United States spending $3 trillion annually on medical costs (an average of $9,500 per person), the future of the … Read Full Article


5 Ways Employers Can Save Money With Employee Benefits

When selecting employee benefits plans, many employers leave money on the table. Benefits coverage chosen may not meet employees’ needs or provide projected cost savings. Here are five ways to get the most from your benefits: 1. Identify benefits employees want – Take time to understand employees’ benefits needs. Gather feedback through conversations and employee … Read Full Article

3 Facts to Know When Choosing Dental Coverage

If you’ve ever walked into a specialty ice cream store, you’re quickly overwhelmed by the number of options, including different flavors, toppings and cones. Americans love choices. But some are easier to make than others. Take dental benefits, for example. There are many plan designs featuring various services available at different price points. It’s important … Read Full Article


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