How Employers Can Attract and Retain Generation Z by Supporting Work-Life Balance

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The newest members of the workforce, Generation Z already outnumbers millennials and is two-thirds the size of the baby boomer generation. Born in 1997 and after, Generation Zers are looking for employers who provide a supportive culture and work-life balance. Here’s what employers can do to attract and retain Generation Z.

Focus on the human element

Bruce Tulgan, owner of Rainmaker Thinking, says employers who want to find and keep great Generation Z workers should focus on issues related to the human element. “Our research shows that Generation Zers primarily value three things: Supportive leadership, good working relationships with colleagues, and scheduling flexibility,” Tulgan explains.

Members of Generation Z appreciate coaching from the leadership team, and opportunities to learn new skills and knowledge, and work with employees of all ages.

Offer work control

Generation Zers want to work near where they live, as well as have opportunities to work remotely when it’s convenient. “Most employers can provide a lot more work flexibility than they already do,” Tulgan advises. “Younger employees will work longer and harder if they have some control over when they come to work and where they work.”

Tulgan explains that Generation Z employees don’t expect to work fewer hours. Rather, they appreciate the opportunity to flex their schedules to meet family or personal obligations. “Some employers have limited flexibility work options, but they should look for all the ways they can offer flexibility within the parameters of the job,” he says.

Provide benefits that offer security

Generation Z workers have grown up amid economic uncertainty, war and terrorism. Many feel insecure about life, so employers would be wise to offer a broad mix of benefits and perks to help them feel more secure, especially in the area of finances. In addition to traditional medical insurance coverage, workers look for health plans like dental and vision. And they want options that help with financial worries, such as student loan repayment assistance, financial planning, identity protection, and critical care coverage.

Learn more about how to engage Generation Z through a supportive culture with work-life balance by listening to a short podcast discussion with Bruce Tulgan.