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Best Benefits for Employees’ Life Stages

Businesses know that benefits are essential to support employees’ well-being and keep them engaged. But often, employers aren’t sure of the benefits that employees value most. Added to the problem is that each demographic group of employees in the workforce has different benefits needs. However, understanding the stages of employees’ lives can help you recognize … Read Full Article

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2021 Hiring Trends: 5 Benefits Employees Value

Employers in every industry are scrambling to find and keep talented employees in today’s remote work world. Due to the pandemic, businesses had to adapt quickly to having employees work from home. Over 58% of employers plan to continue remote work options with some days spent in the office. Nearly 15% of businesses plan to … Read Full Article

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6 Ways to Boost Employee Benefits Communication

Many businesses offer benefits to take care of employees. They know that health benefits and rewards help them attract and keep talented workers. Employers invest a significant amount of their operating budget on employee benefits. So why would they fall short on educating their employees about those benefits? Many employers only talk about benefits once … Read Full Article

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How to Survey Employees About their Benefits

The best employers want to understand their workers’ concerns and how employee benefits impact their lives. These businesses know that the right benefits and rewards can improve employee engagement and retention. This, in turn, can enhance employee relationships and productivity. Happier employees are good for business. To provide a mix of benefits that meet workers’ … Read Full Article

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Why Employers Should Consider Voluntary Benefits as Essential

During the pandemic, voluntary benefits have taken on new value for employees. As employees struggle with the stress of balancing work and family caregiving needs, they use voluntary benefits such as Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) for counseling. Those dealing with unexpected financial issues find help through their employers’ voluntary well-being and savings programs. And, more … Read Full Article

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27 Common Health Care and Insurance Terms Explained

When reviewing medical or dental insurance benefits, you may notice many unfamiliar terms. Some may be easy to figure out, while others are unclear. To help out, here is an explanation of 27 common health care and insurance terms. Annual limit/maximum A limit set by an insurer or employer-sponsored health benefits plan on the amount … Read Full Article

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Why Employees are Confused About Benefits, and What Employers Can Do

Employers provide a variety of benefit choices to complement their employees’ salaries. And while employees value their benefits, at least 50% readily admit they don’t understand their plans. Here are four reasons why employees are confused about benefits, along with three tips on what employers can do. Preoccupied Employees have many responsibilities at work and … Read Full Article