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We understand how important it is for you to provide your employees with the best dental, vision and hearing plans. It’s important to us, too. Whether working with HR directors and benefits administrators, or with brokers and producers—we’re focused on making the complicated world of benefits less complicated and more fulfilling. We invite you to explore our site and find out how we’re doing that every day.

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Why Employees are Confused About Benefits, and What Employers Can Do

Employers provide a variety of benefit choices to complement their employees’ salaries. And while employees value their benefits, at least 50% readily admit they don’t understand their plans. Here are four reasons why employees are confused about benefits, along with three tips on what employers can do. Preoccupied Employees have many responsibilities at work and … Read Full Article

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How the Pandemic Is Changing Benefits in 2021

During the past year, nearly every aspect of life for employees and employers has changed. Due to the pandemic, millions of employees are working from home. Employers have struggled to find solutions to keep workers engaged and help teams complete their projects. This includes offering enhanced benefits. And it looks like 2021 will be a … Read Full Article

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Understanding Dental and Vision Coverage in a Medical Plan

Two-for-one promotions sound like good deals, but often one item is good and the second does not quite match up to expectations. It is the same with medical insurance that includes coverage for dental and vision care. Before workers enroll in health benefits, make sure they read through the plans. And review these five tips … Read Full Article

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Dental and Vision Insurance Benefits for Essential Workers

Essential workers are heroes in many American cities. They hold a variety of positions in critical businesses deemed necessary to keep communities running. During the COVID-19 pandemic, many essential workers put their lives at risk every day to serve the public. They deserve medical coverage and health benefits like dental and vision insurance to keep … Read Full Article

Male employee looking at his laptop at employee benefit incentives in the pandemic.

Help Workers Retain Employee Benefit Incentives in the Pandemic

Employees love earning rewards and incentives, especially when it comes to their dental health. Many employees earn these benefits annually by taking care of their teeth and meeting reward requirements. But due to COVID-19, many employees are losing out on earned rewards and incentives, because they can’t visit the dentist. Here’s how to help workers … Read Full Article