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How Individual Insurance Plans Benefit Employers and Employees

Today’s labor force has a different look. Most employees still work in full-time positions. But more and more jobs are being filled by gig employees, such as part-time, contract or even semi-retired workers. Businesses that offer individual insurance plans will have a competitive advantage. Historically, many employers provided a range of health benefits and perks … Read Full Article

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The Unexpected Impact of Student Loan Debt on Employees

Employees of all ages have student loan debts. Most took out loans for college or professional degrees, or to help family members with tuition costs. But now these borrowers are struggling with the burden of paying off their debts, and it’s affecting their daily lives. Consider the unexpected impact of student loan debt on employees. … Read Full Article

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How to Help Employees Understand and Pick the Right Benefits

Every year workers struggle with an important decision: picking plans for their employee benefits packages. Many try to research the differences between benefits but give up because the plans are confusing. Often, they ask family members and friends for advice on the best plans and companies. Here’s how to help employees understand and pick the … Read Full Article

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4 Things Employers Can Do to Help Workers with Student Loan Repayment

Nearly 70% of college students with bachelor’s degrees graduate with student loans. The Federal Reserve reports that over 44 million American adults owe $1.5 trillion in student loans. Many employers are exploring options to assist employees in repaying student loans. Here are four things employers can do to help workers with student loan repayment. Use … Read Full Article

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How to Hire and Keep the Best Employees

Employers can create a competitive advantage by aligning their benefits strategies with their business goals. This means offering the benefits and perks employees want and communicating with employees about those benefits throughout the year. Learn specific strategies for creating a competitive advantage by listening to a webinar hosted by Workforce magazine in partnership with Ameritas. … Read Full Article

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Get the Competitive Advantage to Find and Keep the Best Employees

Employers of every size and industry are searching for the best ways to find and keep talented employees. Today’s job seekers want more than a base salary with traditional benefits. They’re looking for employers that offer work-life balance, corporate social responsibility, and a range of job perks and benefits that meet their needs. New information … Read Full Article

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4 Reasons Why Employers Should Offer Student Loan Repayment

For the 44 million Americans with student loan debts, getting help from employers in repaying their loans is one of the benefits they value most. Review four reasons why employers should offer a student loan repayment benefit to help ease employees’ financial burdens. Reduces stress  Employees of all ages are experiencing chronic stress because of … Read Full Article