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6 Tips on Equal Benefits for Employees

Competition for talented employees has become intense. To win them over, employers need to provide more diverse benefits that better meet employee needs. During COVID-19, many companies discovered that traditional benefits were not cutting it. They tried to make adjustments, but the changes weren’t enough. Employees wanted more personalized plans. Here are six tips about … Read Full Article

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3 Tips to Improve Your Employee Benefits Education Plan

Companies invest a significant portion of their budget in employee benefits. They know that offering a quality benefits package helps attract and keep top workers. Employers also want to take care of their employees, providing insurance and perks that workers value. However, many employees don’t take full advantage of their coverage options because they don’t … Read Full Article

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6 Strategies to Get the Best Employees to Stay Longer

Most people like to look around at other jobs, checking to see if other employers provide better benefits and more meaningful work. In recent months, millions of Americans quit their jobs to pursue other opportunities. This left the employees who are still on the job, and filling in for those who quit, feeling dissatisfied and … Read Full Article

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4 Tips for Increasing Employee Engagement

Despite investing millions to create employee engagement programs, few employers experience long-term benefits. Towers Watson research shows that two-thirds of employees are not fully engaged at work. They are less productive, costing companies over $225 billion a year. Even worse, business experts say that many companies still are spending money on activities that employees don’t … Read Full Article

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Why Offer Personalized Education Employee Benefits

More and more educational organizations recognize the need to offer a range of well-being programs to teachers, administrators and staff. Some organizations follow a strategy focused on specific programs. But many others randomly provide programs throughout the year. In either situation, educational organizations should make sure their programs are holistic and fit workers’ needs. Here’s … Read Full Article

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Why Health Care Workers Want Personalized Benefits

More and more health care organizations recognize the need to offer a range of well-being programs to employees. Some companies follow a strategy focused on specific programs. But many other health care organizations randomly provide programs throughout the year. In either situation, employers should make sure their programs are holistic and fit health care employees’ … Read Full Article

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4 Reasons to Help Employees Develop a Sense of Belonging

Many employees are looking for a purpose and a reason for their work. Due to the disruptions caused by the pandemic, workers are restless. They feel isolated and disconnected from their work, coworkers and friends. Employees are looking for a new normal with new opportunities. Employers can support workers by helping them get engaged. Consider … Read Full Article

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5 Tips for Success When Rolling Out New Employee Benefits

Most employers regularly review their employee benefits packages to ensure they offer the best plans. Often, they study how employees use their existing insurance coverage. And they survey workers to understand their benefits needs. Employers use this data to design new benefits packages that better fit their current workforce. However, despite efforts to tell workers … Read Full Article

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How to Help Employees Use Their Benefits

Employers invest a large portion of their operating budget on employee benefits. They know their employees make a huge difference in their success, so they want to care for their well-being. Businesses want to make sure employees and their families are healthy. However, many employers have difficulty getting employees’ attention to enroll in benefits programs … Read Full Article

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How to Keep Employees from Leaving

Nearly every business struggles to keep and find talented employees. Employees quit their jobs for many reasons. Although some workers leave for family moves, others quit because they’re restless or unhappy. Business experts say today’s employees are looking for new challenges and career development options. In recent months, thousands of employees have resigned from their … Read Full Article