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We understand how important it is for you to provide your employees with the best dental, vision and hearing plans. It’s important to us, too. Whether working with HR directors and benefits administrators, or with brokers and producers—we’re focused on making the complicated world of benefits less complicated and more fulfilling. We invite you to explore our site and find out how we’re doing that every day.

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Want a Competitive Advantage? Offer the #1 Benefit Employees Want in 2019: Help Paying Off Student Loans

Many businesses say they don’t have the budget to assist employees with student loan payments. Or, they’re concerned about providing equitable benefits. But with BenefitEd and Employee Choice, employers can win the talent war and offer equitable benefits that don’t heavily impact their budgets. Address employees’ real concerns News stories regularly remind employers that there … Read Full Article

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Well-Being: It’s More Than PTO, Perks and Incentives

Well-being programs at many businesses fail to address employees’ real needs. The programs often feature health incentives, fitness discounts, educational information, and rewards. While employees appreciate these perks, research shows they want help with financial well-being. They especially desire benefits that help them pay off student loans or put money away for future educational needs. … Read Full Article

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How to Help Employees Cope with Financial Stress and Medical Expenses

Americans are stressed over finances. Nearly 50 percent live paycheck to paycheck. Many find it difficult to balance health care expenses with the costs of basic necessities like food, housing, and utilities. Studies show that financial concerns can impact health, job performance and work relationships. Here’s how employers can help employees cope with financial stress … Read Full Article

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How to Help Employees Experience Financial Well-being

American adults face a complex problem: Pay off debt or save for retirement. People have many reasons why they don’t put money away for their golden years. Two common explanations are a lack of awareness of their retirement needs and their obligations to paying off personal debts, especially student loans. Increasingly, employers are stepping up … Read Full Article

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5 Tips on Finding and Keeping Great Employees

Employers are finding it increasingly difficult to attract talented workers and keep positions filled. In every industry, there are open jobs. Prospective employees can be selective in accepting an offer. If a job doesn’t match employees’ expectations, they are likely to leave within a short time. People want to work for employers who care about … Read Full Article

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20 Common Health Care and Insurance Terms Explained

When reviewing medical information or your insurance benefits, you may notice many unfamiliar terms. Some may be easy to figure out, but others are unclear. Here’s an explanation of 20 common health care and insurance terms. Premium – This is a fee you pay to participate in a health care insurance plan. If you sign … Read Full Article

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Can the Foods You Eat Affect Your Hearing?

It’s natural to experience hearing loss as you age. But, hearing experts have wondered whether there are lifestyle factors, such as dietary habits, that could lower the risk of hearing loss. Over the past 22 years, researchers studied this question and found surprising results. Here’s an update on how the foods you eat can affect … Read Full Article