Employee Benefits

Small Businesses Thrive by Focusing on Employee Wellbeing


Small businesses operate as a close family of associates who rely on each other to serve customers and be successful. They know each other’s problems, talents, friends and family members.

Owners realize employee productivity is affected when employees experience health and personal problems, but owners may be unsure how to help.

Five areas of wellbeing
Research by Gallup shows that wellness programs may help employees adopt healthy lifestyles and become more fit, but other life and personal issues are not addressed. Instead, owners should focus on five areas of wellbeing:

  1. Purpose – Connecting employees with responsibilities they enjoy makes it easier to complete projects and accomplish goals.
  2. Financial – Helping employees develop financial security reduces their stress.
  3. Social – Encouraging employees’ relationships with family and friends leads to personal fulfillment.
  4. Community – Supporting safety helps employees develop pride and contentment.
  5. Physical – Focusing on healthy lifestyles improves energy, enabling employees to achieve work and personal goals.

Not a quick fix
Companies that support employee wellbeing report their employees thrive in all aspects of their life, Gallup explains. But focusing on employee wellbeing is not a quick fix. Rather it should be a philosophy that impacts every aspect of the business. Gallup says employers that focus on wellbeing encourage employee engagement and enhance team member relationships. In turn, this positive attitude draws more customers to the business.

Learn more about the value of wellbeing in the workplace by watching this thought-leader video story with Dr. Jim Harter from Gallup.