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Six Easy Ways to Improve Your Health


Exercising regularly and eating nutritious meals that are low in fats and sugars is a great way to stay healthy. Experts share advice on additional easy steps you can take to enhance your health. Here are six of 15 tips:




  1. Before breakfast, brush your teeth – While you sleep, bacteria and plaque form on your teeth, and when combined with acids and sugars in breakfast foods, they may increase the risk of tooth decay; health experts advise brushing before breakfast to control the bacteria; using a toothpaste with fluoride will coat the teeth and provide additional protection to the enamel; for those who want to brush after consuming meals, wait at least 30 minutes to avoid damaging protective enamel on teeth that is temporarily weakened by the acids and sugar in foods
  2. Consume cranberry juice daily – Cranberries contain beneficial compounds and antioxidants that help prevent harmful microorganisms from attaching to your bladder and creating infections; they also reduce the development of atherosclerosis in the arteries, lower risk of heart attack and protect against cancer; researchers advise drinking two 8-ounce glasses of cranberry juice a day
  3. Sleep on a medium-soft mattress – Beds that are too soft or too hard may be bad for your back; a medium-soft mattress provides a natural sleep experience and places less pressure on your back, hips and shoulders
  4. Turn down the noise – Using a hair dryer at high power every day or playing a personal music device at a high volume may affect your hearing; when using headphones, if you can’t hear outside noises, the volume level may be too high
  5. Avoid using your hands when sitting down or standing up from a chair – This practice will help strengthen abdominal muscles and prevent excessive stress on your back and shoulders
  6. Prevent facial wrinkles by sleeping on your back – If you prefer to sleep on your side or stomach, you may place excessive pressure on your face; since facial skin is thin, premature wrinkles and laughter lines may develop

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