Employee Benefits

Happy waitress working at small business with employee benefits.

3 Ways Small Businesses Can Succeed With Employee Benefits

In the U.S., approximately 27 million small businesses employ over 60 million workers. Small business owners rely on employees to work with customers and keep operations running smoothly. However, finding and keeping great employees can be challenging. Providing benefits and perks enable businesses to recruit and retain top team members, and helps keep them healthy … Read Full Article

employee benefits

Benefits Impact Employee Performance and Productivity

You can increase employee productivity by creating a work environment that provides challenging responsibilities and assistance with health and personal needs. Many work cultures are infused with high pressure and demands. This causes employees to become stressed as they strive to meet expectations. However, focusing on employee well-being is one way employers can encourage performance … Read Full Article

5 Medical Advancements Improve America’s Lives

Over the past 50 years, new medical advancements have dramatically improved people’s lives: antibiotics, vaccinations, CT imaging and MRI scanning, statins, kidney dialysis and liver and kidney transplants. Researchers are working continually to identify new treatment options. Consider five new advancements that soon will be introduced, as featured in Women’s Health:   1. Saving hair during … Read Full Article

Health Care Ideas Debated by 2016 Presidential Candidates

In the final months of the 2016 presidential elections, the candidates will share their positions on many issues. One of the key topics is the future of America’s health care system. During debates and speeches, the candidates may use many unfamiliar terms, such as three ideas featured in Forbes. 1. Pay-for-value health care – Physicians … Read Full Article

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4 Marketing Tips for Brokers

Insurance benefits are becoming more complex. The continual changes in government regulations, modifications in medical coverage, increases in premiums, rising costs for health care services and mergers of insurance carriers create many challenges for brokers (also known as producers, agents or consultants) in serving clients and growing business.   Consider four ways brokers can improve … Read Full Article

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New Dental Techniques Help Ease Fears

Over 20 percent of people avoid scheduling dental appointments due to fear and anxiety, often due to the sounds of the dental drill. According to WebMD, these fears soon may be eased as dentists explore three new treatment techniques: Air abrasion – Some dentists are using an air abrasion tool to spray away decay. It … Read Full Article

2016 presidential election

5 Apps for the 2016 Presidential Election

As the candidates campaign across the country for the 2016 presidential election, it can be challenging to keep up with the latest news on their positions. Now it’s easier with free smartphone apps, such as these five popular ones: 2016 Presidential Election – Provides an organized review of the debates, primaries and political news. Brigade … Read Full Article

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Technology That Evaluates Drivers’ Health

Americans, on average, spend 45 minutes each day driving in their cars. Double that amount for people living in metropolitan cities. Since drivers are stuck in one place for an extended period, manufactures have developed a range of hands-free gadgets to keep them entertained, such as Bluetooth devices to catch up with family and friends, … Read Full Article


5 Health Care Issues Presidential Candidates Must Address

On average, Americans spend $1,318 out of pocket before health insurance starts covering a portion of their bills, according to a 2015 Employer Health Benefits Survey. This represents an 83 percent increase from 2005. With the United States spending $3 trillion annually on medical costs (an average of $9,500 per person), the future of the … Read Full Article