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New Apps and Virtual Games Teach Kids About Food Allergies


Many American kids live with food allergy issues. Now they can access a smartphone app or online game that can help them cope with their experiences and teach them about food allergies.

Approximately 1 in every 13 children in the United States has food allergies. Do you know which foods cause 90 percent of kids’ allergic reactions? They are peanuts, tree nuts, shell fish, fish, milk, soy, eggs or wheat.

Sometimes kids struggle to understand why they cannot eat certain foods, and parents and health professionals find it difficult to teach them about their allergies. Two interactive tools make the job easier:

  • The BugaBees:  Friends with Food Allergies – This smartphone app is designed for androids and iOS smartphones based on the characters from this popular children’s book series, including Beetle, Cricket and Butterfly, who each have an allergy to one of the eight most common allergenic foods; the app also allows kids to select safe and healthy foods for the BugaBees to enjoy
  • Food Allergy Kid SPoT:  Interactive games help engage kids with video games, activities and social media tools that educate them about food allergies; the site also features blogs written by kids with food allergies, who discuss how they handle different situations, such as sleepovers, camp or barbecues, along with kid-friendly recipes

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