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Homework Success: Tips to Help Kids Develop Good Study Habits

Child Homework

One of the greatest skills parents can help their children develop is good homework and study habits. While developing positive behaviors may require persistence, patience and dedication, the benefits gained will help them throughout life.

Familyeducation.com provides a list of tips for parents to assist students with homework, including the following:


  1. Location– Help your child find a quiet, well-lit study area where homework can be completed; older kids may enjoy the library
  2. Supplies – Create a supply kit for studying, including rulers, pencils, erasers, markers, and highlighters
  3. Organize – Assist students in developing organizational skills for studying, such as listing out work that needs to be completed that day, allotting time for studying and breaks, and using a calendar to note homework completion dates
  4. Routine – Establish a set homework time and develop rules to prevent distractions, such as interruptions from family and friends, watching TV, listening to music, or using the computer and cell phone
  5. Support – Encourage your kids to learn by reading through homework materials and instructions, ask questions to help them think through assignments, offer guidance and answer questions but don’t complete their work
  6. Recognition – Take time to review your kids’ accomplishments, praise them for being diligent students, and encourage them to pursue excellence
  7. Help – If your student is struggling to understand homework, seek help from the teacher, a tutor, or after-school resources

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