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Encouraging Employees to Focus on Prevention

preventive care tips for employees

Have you ever known you should do something that is good for you, but you have 10,000 reasons why you haven’t done it yet? Maybe it’s saving money so you have extra cash for the proverbial rainy day, shopping for groceries on sale and using coupons to stretch your budget or scheduling your car for routine oil changes and maintenance so it doesn’t break down. These are just a few examples of decisions we can make in advance to help us avoid some problems and better deal with unexpected challenges.

Let’s apply this same thinking to your health. How often do you take advantage of preventive programs to maintain or improve your health? Do you participate in wellness screenings to identify possible health concerns, consume nutritious foods and avoid those high in sugars and fats, exercise several times each week or visit the dentist at least once each year for a checkup and cleaning? Most of us have great intentions, but we need a push of encouragement to take care of ourselves.

Employers should remind employees regularly to take advantage of preventive medical screenings to pursue healthier lifestyles. Recently Employee Benefit News featured an article with six tips for encouraging employees to focus on preventive care.

Read this article and share your ideas on the importance of providing preventive care programs to keep workers healthy and happy.