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Correcting Nearsightedness Without Surgery

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Did you know it is possible to correct nearsightedness and reduce the need for corrective eyeglasses without eye surgery? A procedure called orthokeratology offers a nonsurgical option to LASIK and other eye surgeries designed to correct nearsightedness.

Orthokeratology often is called refractive therapy, vision-shaping therapy, corneal molding or ortho-k, and involves the gentle reshaping of the cornea to correct nearsightedness, also known as myopia, with special gas-permeable contact lenses.

The ortho-K technique is an excellent option for individuals of any age, adolescents to seniors, who are nearsighted, especially if they have no more than -4.00 D of myopia or little or no astigmatism. This option is particularly appealing to people involved in sports or those who work in dusty, dirty environments where particles can cause irritations when wearing contact lenses.

Read the following article to learn more about orthokeratology. If your vision plan offered a benefit toward the cost of this procedure, would you take advantage of it? Or would you opt for laser vision correction?