Employee Benefits

Benefits Impact Employee Performance and Productivity

employee benefits

You can increase employee productivity by creating a work environment that provides challenging responsibilities and assistance with health and personal needs.

Many work cultures are infused with high pressure and demands. This causes employees to become stressed as they strive to meet expectations. However, focusing on employee well-being is one way employers can encourage performance and productivity. There are many factors that influence well-being, such as helping employees engage with their benefits so they can take care of their health and personal needs.

Jennifer Benz, national expert, speaker and author on employee benefits, recommends that employers connect benefits programs to business goals. When the right mix of benefits is offered, it’s easier to attract and retain quality workers. Employees feel better and are more productive.

Over the past decade, employees have become more active in choosing health benefits and monitoring their plans. This trend is called consumerism. In the past, employers would give employees packets of benefits information and expect that they would figure out their coverage needs and enroll on their own. But it quickly became apparent that employees expect employers to have an active role in educating them about their benefits.

According to Benz, a new trend is emerging as employers recognize the high value of their benefits programs. Employee benefits are not just medical or dental insurance, or retirement coverage. Instead, benefits provide opportunities for employers to connect with employees and help them be successful in taking care of their families and their finances. It can help employees in supporting community needs and adopting healthier lifestyles.

Thoughts on employee communication trends
Benz and Ameritas have developed two thought leadership videos on employee benefits and benefits trends. Watch these videos to learn how to be more successful in designing the best benefits plans and educating employees about their coverage:

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