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Adopt Habits To Improve Health

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Nearly every day a new health study reveals the health benefits of specific lifestyle habits, new foods or exercise plans. While the ideas sound logical, do you wonder whether the ideas really will make a difference and improve your health?

Recently, Science Daily featured an article on five studies published in the American Journal of Medicine proving that healthy habits can fight diseases.

  1. Regular consumption of fresh fish reduces risk of colon and rectal cancer – Colon cancer is the third leading cause of death; researchers in China proved that eating fresh fish regularly reduces the risk of colon cancer by 4 percent and rectal cancer by 21 percent
  2. Hypnosis or acupuncture helps smokers kick the habit – Canadian researchers have demonstrated that smokers were 4.6 times more likely to effectively stop smoking with hypnosis therapy and 3.5 times more likely with acupuncture
  3. Regular tooth scaling reduces risk for heart attack, stroke – In studies conducted by Taiwanese researchers, 11,000 individuals who had tooth scaling (deep cleaning) had lower incidences of heart attacks, stroke and other cardiovascular problems
  4. Weight-loss programs help people lose weight – American researchers studied the effectiveness of organized weight-loss programs; both independent weight-loss programs and those sponsored by physicians were effective in helping moderately-obese patients lose weight; after 12 weeks, on average individuals lose 11 percent of body weight
  5. Low-dose aspirin is effective in cancer prevention – Researchers in Canada discovered conclusive evidence that aspirin in low doses is effective in preventing cancer

Do you believe that changing lifestyle, exercise and nutrition habits can improve your health?