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4 Marketing Tips for Brokers

tips for brokers

Insurance benefits are becoming more complex. The continual changes in government regulations, modifications in medical coverage, increases in premiums, rising costs for health care services and mergers of insurance carriers create many challenges for brokers (also known as producers, agents or consultants) in serving clients and growing business.


Consider four ways brokers can improve marketing efforts:

1. Develop trust – Employers prefer to work with partners they can rely on to provide the right benefits recommendations. This level of trust is built with employers over time by:

  • understanding their benefits goals and listening to needs and expectations
  • showing how current benefits are used
  • checking competitors’ benefits
  • creating benefits plans that not only address coverage needs, but feature fresh choices, such as LASIK and hearing
  • providing ideas on how to communicate benefits to employees
  • offering enrollment material to increase participation

2. Be available – Encourage clients to contact you at any time, not just during traditional office hours. Offer several communication options, such as text, email, phone or social media sites.
3. Regularly communicate – Most employers don’t have time for daily, or even weekly, phone calls. Create other avenues to share information.

  • Create a blog – Write about topics that are intriguing to your clients, using creative headlines that capture attention.
    • Encourage employers to share the information with employees. For example, if you recommend dental benefits, write a blog about the five unexpected benefits of dental insurance.
    • Use infographics and diagrams that draw readers’ attention to your content.
    • Make sure to market your blog through social media, emails and personal communication.
    • Include your blog address on your business cards, marketing materials and emails to clients.
  • Share content from this blog with clients, and they can share with their employees.
  • Link to other sources – share infographics, statistics and stories to explain benefits in different ways. In blog posts, email and other communications, link to these resources as a way to provide new insights on benefits.

4. Get involved – Attend community meetings to learn about business and local issues, meet new clients and reinforce relationships with existing clients. Host or sponsor informational meetings for HR professionals, financial officers or business owners. Find trusted insurance partners you can rely on to share the latest perspective on industry trends.

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