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3 Reasons Employers Add Hearing to Wellness Programs

When sitting in a noisy meeting, restaurant or family gathering, there are many times when you can’t hear comments from the person next to you.

Sometimes people blame hearing difficulties on the noisy situation, but employers are discovering an increasing number of employees are hearing impaired. Many now are adding hearing benefits and education to wellness programs.

Here are three important reasons:

1. Work performance – It is estimated that 20 percent of Americans, or 48 million people, have hearing loss and about 60 percent of them are actively employed. Of all the workers who believe they have a hearing problem but have not addressed it yet:

  • 61 percent have asked others to repeat themselves
  • 42 percent have misunderstood what was said during a conversation
  • 40 percent pretended to hear when actually they could not

Workers with hearing problems often struggle to complete job responsibilities and perform much better after their hearing issues are resolved. Research also shows people with hearing loss may be more susceptible to costly medical conditions and are at increased risk for falling.

2. Confidence and well-being – Employees with untreated hearing loss may exhibit low morale; be moody and negative; avoid participation in phone calls, meetings or conversations; and distance themselves from others. People with hearing loss may be reluctant to admit they have a problem and often don’t want others to know.

3. Treatment choices – Treating hearing loss early on helps people get back to living. Many employers are adding hearing screenings to wellness programs to make it easier for employees to establish a hearing baseline and identify hearing problems. While hearing loss cannot be reversed, there are several hearing aid options available to enhance hearing quality, including new designs that are nearly invisible.

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