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4 Unexpected Effects of the Student Loan Debt Crisis

In recent months, discussions about the student loan debt crisis have centered around the numbers: 44 million Americans who owe about $37,172 each for college loans. That’s approximately $1.6 trillion! The numbers are staggering. Consider four effects of the student loan debt crisis, as well as BenefitEd, a repayment assistance benefit employers can offer employees. … Read Full Article

3 Reasons Employers Add Hearing to Wellness Programs

When sitting in a noisy meeting, restaurant or family gathering, there are many times when you can’t hear comments from the person next to you. Sometimes people blame hearing difficulties on the noisy situation, but employers are discovering an increasing number of employees are hearing impaired. Many now are adding hearing benefits and education to … Read Full Article

Employee Wellness Programs

Carrots or Sticks: Which Works Best for Employee Wellness Programs?

Do employees need carrots or sticks to encourage them to adopt healthy lifestyle habits? That’s the quandary many employers tackle when deciding whether to offer incentives and rewards to encourage employees to participate in wellness programs. Intention vs. action Most people like the thought of working out and becoming healthier, but they struggle to make … Read Full Article

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3 Ways Small Businesses Can Succeed With Employee Benefits

In the U.S., approximately 27 million small businesses employ over 60 million workers. Small business owners rely on employees to work with customers and keep operations running smoothly. However, finding and keeping great employees can be challenging. Providing benefits and perks enable businesses to recruit and retain top team members, and helps keep them healthy … Read Full Article

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Benefits Impact Employee Performance and Productivity

You can increase employee productivity by creating a work environment that provides challenging responsibilities and assistance with health and personal needs. Many work cultures are infused with high pressure and demands. This causes employees to become stressed as they strive to meet expectations. However, focusing on employee well-being is one way employers can encourage performance … Read Full Article

5 Medical Advancements Improve America’s Lives

Over the past 50 years, new medical advancements have dramatically improved people’s lives: antibiotics, vaccinations, CT imaging and MRI scanning, statins, kidney dialysis and liver and kidney transplants. Researchers are working continually to identify new treatment options. Consider five new advancements that soon will be introduced, as featured in Women’s Health:   1. Saving hair during … Read Full Article

Health Care Ideas Debated by 2016 Presidential Candidates

In the final months of the 2016 presidential elections, the candidates will share their positions on many issues. One of the key topics is the future of America’s health care system. During debates and speeches, the candidates may use many unfamiliar terms, such as three ideas featured in Forbes. 1. Pay-for-value health care – Physicians … Read Full Article