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Wellness That Works – An Invitation to a National Web Seminar

Employers across the United States are implementing wellness programs to help employees pursue healthier lifestyles, but do these programs really work?

Ameritas Insight Wellness Webinar

Featured on CNN and in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes and Partnership for Prevention magazine, Lincoln Industries has implemented its own reforms for healthy employees and a healthy bottom line, resulting in:

  • Reduced turnover and absenteeism
  • Lower benefit and health care costs
  • A safer and more productive workplace
  • Higher levels of employee satisfaction and loyalty

The nation’s leading supplier of products requiring high-performance metal finishing, Lincoln Industries has proven that a happy, healthier workforce creates a better end product and a more profitable business.

Discover the Secrets of a Successful Wellness Program

Learn from Lincoln Industries’ successes, along with perspectives from two other leading industry experts, during a free national Web seminar:

Wellness that Works information

Web Seminar Discussion Topics

  • Why Lincoln Industries started its award-winning program years before most employers were talking about wellness
  • The evolution of a successful program: What works, what doesn’t
  • The real-dollar outcomes proving that with the right focus, wellness programs can save businesses a lot more money than they cost
    • According to the Wellness Council of America, many employers in the United States spend at least half of their profits on medical costs for employees. Conversely, most companies with successful wellness programs enjoy lower absenteeism, higher productivity, lower incidences of on-the-job injuries, less employee turnover and fewer medical claims.
  • The state of our economy and what current economic indicators reveal about our future
  • The evolving industries of benefits and insurance, how changes will affect businesses, and why dental and vision care matter

Web Seminar Panelists

The following professionals will share their expertise:

  • Eric Thompson, associate professor and director, Bureau of Business Research, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • Greg Howe, wellness specialist, Lincoln Industries
  • Karen Gustin, senior vice president, group marketing, national accounts and block acquisition, Ameritas Group

Does your business offer an employee wellness program? How does it work, and what changes have resulted? I will gather your comments and share them in a future blog. –Karen

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