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Tips for Choosing Family Dental and Vision Benefits

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When you purchase a new appliance, you probably spend time evaluating the choices, soliciting advice from family and friends and comparing price options before making the final decision. Choosing benefits can be a similar experience. Medical insurance options can be complicated, but dental and vision benefits are less complex. However, before picking a plan, you should know the coverage options you need.

Identify family needs
In most families, members have different needs for dental and vision care. For example:

  • Dependents age 19 and older may need LASIK or the option of purchasing new eyeglasses annually or teeth whitening coverage, in addition to routine dental and vision exams.
  • Adults often experience changes in their oral and vision health as they age, which may require services beyond preventive care to help them enjoy good overall health in their senior years.
  • Children may need additional dental coverage for cosmetic orthodontia, because coverage required by the Affordable Care Act may cover only medically necessary orthodontia, such as cleft-palate conditions.

Families need flexible dental and vision coverage tailored to their needs. Benefit surveys show that people with dental and vision coverage tend to use their benefits. They are likely to schedule regular checkups and exams, so doctors can evaluate the health of their teeth and eyes, and develop a treatment plan to address concerns.

Explain benefits choices
The Atlantic recently reported that 77 million people have difficulty understanding common health-related reading materials. Employers need to invest time helping employees get familiar with their dental and vision coverage, recognize the importance of these benefits to their overall health and appreciate the value of paying a small monthly fee for insurance to protect their health and that of their family members.

Stand-Alone Plans
Stand-alone dental and vision benefits are sold independently from medical coverage, and these policies are not subject to most Affordable Care Act provisions. According to the National Association of Dental Plans, about 99 percent of Americans with dental coverage have a dental benefit policy separate from their medical policy.

Ameritas provides stand-alone dental and vision plans that can be customized to employee group needs, and Ameritas offers the following services:

  • Expertise in dental and vision plans
  • Customer service focused only on dental and vision coverage
  • Accurate pricing, not misleading low introductory rates followed by shocking rate increases
  • Flexible and customizable benefits
  • Claims systems designed specifically for dental and vision
  • Nationwide, credentialed provider network
  • Dental and vision wellness knowledge

Avoid surprises with dental insurance by understanding how to compare plans.