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The Keys to Growing Old


If you’re entering a new phase of life, you might be facing challenges. Staying healthy and active may be more difficult, but it doesn’t have to be; it can be fun.

According to WebMD, those in the baby boomer generation are expected to live longer than any previous generation of Americans.


  • At least 10,000 baby boomers turn 65 every day (Pew Research)
  • When the first boomers reach age 84:
    • The number of Americans over 65 will have grown by 75 percent to 69 million
    • Over 35 percent will be age 50 or older

Researchers anticipate the new senior population will embrace growing older differently from previous generations. Here are some tips for living every day to the fullest:

  • Stay active – Engage in physical activity every day; focus on exercises that help maintain strength, balance, flexibility and cardiovascular health
  • Enjoy nutritious meals – Many illnesses can be prevented or controlled by eating healthy foods and watching your weight
  • Avoid falls – Older people are at higher risk for falls and injuries; wear shoes with good support, remove loose carpet and throw rugs, use night lights in hallways and bathrooms, and keep walkways free of clutter and cords
  • Schedule health screenings and checkups – It’s important to stay current with immunizations and screenings by setting appointments as directed by your doctor
  • Take care of your eyes, teeth and hearing – Brush teeth at least twice daily and floss once each day; schedule exams for vision, oral health and hearing evaluations; problems with vision and hearing may occur simultaneously and could lead to early death
  • Protect your skin – As skin ages, it becomes thinner, drier and less elastic; it takes longer for injuries to heal; exposure to too much sun can lead to skin cancer