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Take a Look: Ameritas Group Offers Popular Vision Plan Choices


In 1974, a national restaurant chain introduced a new advertising campaign that captured the interest of millions of Americans. The “Have It Your Way®” jingle embraced an idea that people loved: choosing the way they wanted their food served. Today, Americans expect a lot of choices, including which insurance carrier they want for benefits, such as vision.

That’s why Ameritas Group offers vision insurance plans with a variety of options. Ameritas Group offers defined benefit (also known as scheduled) Vision Perfect® plans with no network restrictions. For employers who would prefer to have a vision plan with network savings, Ameritas Group offers vision plans featuring the nation’s largest vision networks. For those without access to group insurance through an employer, Ameritas Group introduced its new 20/20 Plus℠ plan.

Vision Perfect Plans – Offers a list (or schedule) of benefits showing what’s covered and how much; multiple benefit schedules are available; flat annual maximum option offers one fixed dollar amount for exam services and materials, so members have more control on how their benefit dollars are spent; employers choose the flat max amount; visit any eye doctor; plans may include a nominal deductible at time of service; members pay the doctor and submit a claim for reimbursement

Vision Network Plans – Provides in-network and out-of-network benefit allowances for exam services and materials; employers choose a network based on needs and budget; in-network providers across the nation offer plan members network savings and exclusive discounts; includes access to popular retail chain providers; members pay a nominal deductible (or copay) at time of service; in-network claims are handled by the vision network provider

20/20 Plus Plans for Individuals and Families – Supplies three options for vision benefits, plus dental and hearing care benefits; not tied to an employer group, so the plan is fully portable and the individual is the policyholder who chooses the plan design; visit any provider; no deductible; with the vision benefit, members pay the eye doctor and submit a claim for reimbursement; the dental and hearing benefits may be reimbursed or paid directly to the provider

Member Savings – People with Ameritas Group or individual dental, vision or hearing plans can enjoy discounts off prescription medications for the whole family (even pets) at Walmart or Sam’s Club pharmacies; Ameritas dental, dental with LASIK add-on and hearing plan members can save up to 15 percent off prescription glasses at any Walmart Vision Center nationwide (excludes contacts and sunglasses); these non-insurance discounts are available at no extra cost; savings ID cards required


Do you have vision insurance? Which plan features do you believe are most important?

  • ella ,

    Need to get a quote for dental and vision

    • LLouch@ameritas.com ,

      • Sharon K. Jenkins ,

        Need to see plans for individual insurance available in the Va. Beach, Va. area

        • LLouch@ameritas.com ,

          • Sylvia Hoyos ,

            Your services are great. I was enrolled Year 2015 just found out I have another insurance my job provides which they pay for me and for only this reason I need to cancel this insurance immediately.
            Your agents are all friendly and helpful, Great Co. I will refer to anybody that needs it. Thank you.

            • Ameritas Insight ,

              Hi Sylvia,

              Thanks for your policy information (I removed it from this post so it wouldn’t be on our public web page), request and kind words about Ameritas. I forwarded your information to the benefits department. Thank you.

              • Christopher Dixon ,

                I am not sure what plans we have with Ameritas. Policy number is xxxxx
                My card says dental network but I should also have vision. Do I use the same card for both?

                • Ameritas Insight ,

                  Chris, you shouldn’t need a card for your eye doctor. Most dentists don’t require you to show the actual insurance card either. Just tell them you have Ameritas.
                  If you log into your secure account (https://www.ameritas.com/applications/group/member) you can see all of your plan details.

                  • Tuell Ann Hall ,

                    Need Ameritas information/Am a member through TRTA

                    • Ameritas Insight ,

                      Thank you for contacting us. We will have someone from our team reach out to you at the email address provided. You may also contact us by phone at 800-659-2223 or by email at group_assistants@ameritas.com.

                      • Joyce Brown ,

                        I have Ameritas Vison and Dental thur the Goverment.. I wanted to know if and already have my own the perscription from my eye docker at Kaiser and I also a frame the I wanted to put the perscription in. will Sam’s or Walmart do that and give me 15 percent off

                        • Ameritas Insight ,

                          Hi Joyce, We would be happy to assist you with this question. Please contact our vision claims team by phone at 800-487-5553 or by email at group@ameritas.com. They’ll be able to look up your account and answer any questions. Thank you!

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