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Selecting Insurance: Five Ways to Spot Great Service

selecting health insurance

Good customer service, as well as bad, is easy to spot. Think of your recent customer service experiences. Some probably surpassed your expectations but, in other situations, you may have been unimpressed with the quality of service.


When it comes to insurance coverage, no one wants a difficult or bad experience. Companies often claim they provide superior customer service, but that’s not always the case. When reviewing insurance options, know these five ways to spot great service:

  1. Flexible choices – Most people like options, especially for their insurance coverage. Evaluate plan features to determine whether coverage can be customized to fit your needs. Ask for examples and talk with other customers to ensure the insurance company fulfills this commitment.
  2. Clear communication – Insurance plans may contain words and phrases that are difficult to understand. Look for insurance companies that break down the jargon and provide information that is easy to understand. Review benefit details and examples of claims information to ensure the insurance carrier is focused on effectively communicating with customers.
  3. Live person available – When calling your insurance company, it can be frustrating to listen to a series of automated messages in order to find someone to assist you. Check whether the insurance carrier you’re considering personally answers phone calls, or if there is an option to speak with a representative.
  4. One-call resolutions – Ask current customers how many calls it takes, in general, to get questions answered or problems resolved. Ideally, information and solutions should be available during the first call.
  5. Efficient claims processing – Bills for health care services should be handled efficiently. Ask for information on how quickly claims are processed and verify this experience with current customers. Health care providers want prompt payment, and patients expect that bills and payments will be processed in a timely manner.