Employee Benefits

Rewarding Healthy Employees

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How employees feel about their jobs, employers, and their relationships with family and friends, affects their performance at work, researchers report. Employers who focus on employee well-being, by providing benefits designed to help workers maintain good health and take care of personal needs, are more successful.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that employers that encourage employees to adopt healthy habits and an active lifestyle have a higher percentage of employees at work every day.


Rewards for Being Healthy
Employees want benefits they can tailor to their needs and they appreciate plans that provide rewards for being healthy. Ameritas offers employee benefits that fit these needs.

Ameritas RewardsSM gives employees multiple lines of coverage and the opportunity to increase their benefits’ value. Employers can provide an Ameritas dental plan, along with vision, LASIK, orthodontia and/or hearing care benefits.

Through their dental plan, employees can earn rewards that carry over to help pay for dental procedures the following year. And they can use a specified portion of those rewards ($100 or $200) for materials and services or for other types of coverage. New orthodontia rewards feature $300 and $400 options. And not all benefits need to be tied to dental.

Learn the value of Ameritas RewardsSM coverage choices by contacting an Ameritas representative.

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