Employee Benefits


Depression Impacts Health Care Costs

Some days life seems out of control, and things just don’t go the way we’d like. And when days turn into weeks with no relief, productivity may be impacted. Many people take an optimistic approach to these unexpected experiences by adjusting to the situation and planning for better days ahead. But many people struggle to see beyond the circumstances and become depressed.

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Managing Medications for Better Health

One-third of all patients don’t take their medications as prescribed by health providers, reports the New England Healthcare Institute. These decisions result in $290 billion of additional medical costs annually, including medication-related hospitalizations.

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HC reform

Why Businesses Should Keep Insurance Benefits

Business leaders and the news media have invested considerable time discussing health care reform and employee insurance benefits. Some speculate that once health care reform is fully integrated in 2014, most employers will drop employee insurance benefits and pay the fines the federal government will impose for not offering coverage, because the penalty will be less costly.

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Improve Employee Understanding of Benefit Plans

SHRM reports that about 40 percent of employees at American businesses do not understand their benefits. In a survey of human resource professionals conducted by ADP Inc. in 2011, 80 percent of the respondents acknowledged the importance of employees understanding their benefit choices. However, a surprising number of businesses do not allocate budget funds to support benefit communication efforts.

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Business People

Trends and Tips for Voluntary Benefits

Voluntary benefits are becoming more relevant and popular than ever. As consumer-driven plans become more prevalent, consumers may experience higher out-of-pocket costs. That’s where voluntary benefits can come to the rescue. Employees can voluntarily sign up, enjoy group rates and have premiums deducted from their paychecks before taxes (Section 125).

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The Value of a Trusted Insurance Carrier During an M&A

Businesses considering a merger or acquisition (M&A) invest hundreds of hours reviewing the partnership opportunity. Often these potential deals must be consummated within several months of the initial discussion. According to national business experts, issues and problems often arise with employee benefits, which, if not addressed correctly, can cause an M&A to fall apart.

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