Employee Benefits

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How to Hire and Keep the Best Employees

Finding and retaining talented employees is a challenge for employers of all sizes across the country. Although businesses in each industry face different issues, the competition for the best workers is the same. Employers can create a competitive advantage by aligning their benefits strategies with their business goals. This means offering the benefits and perks … Read Full Article

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Six Reasons Student Loan Repayment Assistance is an Essential Benefit

Losing talented employees ranks among the top issues on employers’ minds, reports a new survey of human resource professionals. Among the challenges that keep employers awake at night are attracting, engaging, and retaining talented and diverse employees. How to compete for talent: There is one thing we know for sure. More and more employees are … Read Full Article

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Offer 4 Benefits and Perks Millennials Value Most

Millennials make up 35 percent of today’s labor force. Born between 1981 to 1996, millennials will comprise 75 percent of employees by 2025. Employers are struggling to find and keep top millennial workers as high base salaries and traditional benefits packages no longer provide a competitive advantage. Instead, employers must provide the benefits and perks … Read Full Article

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Want to Keep Employees Engaged? Offer Voluntary Benefit Choices

For years, voluntary benefits have been popular with employees. These plans offer additional health and personal coverage choices outside of employer-sponsored health plans. Voluntary plans also are effective in helping employers find, keep and engage employees. Stretch budgets, meet needs Most businesses have employees from several generations working together, all with different work styles, interests, … Read Full Article

Pediatric Dental Plan Options

Did you know that pediatric dental in a medical plan is not the same as pediatric dental in a stand-alone dental plan? Here are tips to help you understand the differences in coverage: Dental within medical plans When you consider a medical plan with dental coverage embedded, know how the plan is designed. Along with … Read Full Article

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8 Ways You Can Save Money on Health Insurance

Health care expenses continue to eat away at employees’ take-home pay. Despite government efforts to reduce health care costs, Bloomberg reports that prices continue to increase and are affecting the United States economy. Most employers provide health insurance coverage to assist employees with medical expenses, usually covering a portion of the premium cost. Here are … Read Full Article

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Can the Foods You Eat Affect Your Hearing?

It’s natural to experience hearing loss as you age. But, hearing experts have wondered whether there are lifestyle factors, such as dietary habits, that could lower the risk of hearing loss. Over the past 22 years, researchers studied this question and found surprising results. Here’s an update on how the foods you eat can affect … Read Full Article