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Four Reasons to Choose a Network Plan


Insurance plans can be confusing. Plan descriptions may sound similar, but they’re all designed differently. You may have heard of one popular plan option that features a Participating Provider Organization (PPO) network. Here are four reasons why you may want to choose a PPO for dental and vision coverage:



  1. No surprises – In each market, the insurance carrier contracts with dentists and eye care doctors to participate in its PPO network; these health professionals agree to provide services at a set rate, so there won’t be any surprises on what you pay
  2. Schedule appointments in-network or out-of-network – With a PPO plan, you schedule appointments with any dentist or eye care doctor listed in the network; if you see a health professional outside the network, a portion of the cost may be covered by your plan, but you will pay the remainder of the bill; the insurance carrier does not negotiate any rates with out-of-network providers
  3. Preventive exams – Most PPO plans cover 100 percent of the cost for preventive care, which usually includes two dental and one eye exam annually, as long as care is provided by an in-network provider
  4. Deductibles and coinsurance – When visiting a network dentist for care, PPO plans usually waive the deductible for preventive services, such as an exam, cleaning and X-rays; they also provide rich coinsurance levels for Preventive, Basic and Major dental procedures versus non-network visits

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