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4 reasons to ask employees for input on benefits decisions

employee benefits

When making decisions, it’s nice to have choices. Before dining at a new restaurant, purchasing a vehicle or investing in a vacation, often people ask friends for advice and do their own research before making their final decision. At work, most people also want to be involved in decisions, especially choices for health and wellness benefits. Consider four reasons to ask employees for input:

  1. Builds rapport – Employees readily share ideas if they know they’re valued. Employers can create an open decision-making process and build rapport by listening to employees’ ideas, reviewing their recommendations, and explaining which ideas can be adopted now and which ones will need to be saved for future consideration.
  2. Creates ownership – It’s easy for employees to find fault with benefits when they’re not involved in the decision process. Instead, educate employees about benefit costs and current usage. Divide associates into teams where ideas for health and wellness benefits can be discussed and shared with management. This practice helps employees feel responsible for the outcome of benefits decisions that not only impact their families, but also business growth.
  3. Increases engagement – Employees today have many job choices, and competitors are actively luring away talented associates. Get employees engaged with their jobs by involving them in benefits decisions. Request feedback on current health and wellness benefits, and take note of other benefits they’d like to have added. At open enrollment time tell employees about their team members’ assistance in reviewing plans, evaluating insurance carriers and selecting benefits.
  4. Develops leaders – Most employees want to learn new skills and abilities. Use the benefits review process to teach associates how to make decisions, and to prepare them for new leadership responsibilities. Encourage employees to get involved in benefits decision-making teams. Show them how to evaluate their decisions, and review information or ideas they might consider the next time.

The workforce is changing fast. New generations of workers want agile workplaces with flexible schedules, better technology and perks in order to be engaged at work. And their benefits needs are different too. Download a new eBook on The State of Workplace Benefits to learn the benefits employers are offering and new plans they’re considering for the future.



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