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Eight Tips For Evaluating Dental Coverage


Purchasing dental insurance can be a daunting decision. You wonder which plan and coverage options best meet your needs.

Why purchase dental insurance?
Even though you brush and floss your teeth daily, you still may need a filling, root canal or crown during the year. Dental insurance helps offset these unexpected costs.

Researchers report that daily dental care and regular checkups also help to detect certain diseases and infections that could make you ill. When dental professionals examine your teeth and oral tissues, they may find clues about your overall health and symptoms of serious medical concerns. The U.S. Surgeon General reports that preventing disease is critical to helping people live longer; routine dental care can do just that.

Tips for evaluating dental plans

  1. Medical insurance may not cover dental – Some medical plans indicate that dental coverage is included, but usually the plan covers only a minimum cost for cleanings and checkups; other expenses may not be paid until the medical deductible is met; a supplemental dental plan can help cover the costs of restorative care, such as X-rays, fillings, crowns, root canals or cosmetic orthodontia for children or adults
  2. Waiting periods and prerequisites – Some dental plans feature a waiting period before some procedures, such as crowns or bridges, are covered; the waiting period can be several months to a year
  3. Maximum coverage – The plan may have a maximum yearly coverage limit (or annual maximum), which means you pay for dental costs beyond this amount
  4. In-network or out-of-network coverage – Depending on the design, some dental plans offer in-network benefits through participating providers who agree to charge reduced fees for covered services; with out-of-network providers, only a portion of the cost will be covered and you’ll pay the rest. And some providers offer access to PPO contracted fees (fees for procedures that a dentist has agreed on for certain covered services) to reduce the overall cost of procedures even before a person’s benefits kick in.
  5. Deductibles and copays – Most plans require a copay or deductible for nonpreventive procedures; usually waived for preventive services
  6. Review covered procedures – Many dental plans do not cover all dental procedures, especially those considered cosmetic or aesthetic; before scheduling a procedure, check with the plan’s customer service representative to verify coverage
  7. Rewards and incentives – Several dental plans feature rewards or incentives for spending less than the annual maximum, or visiting the dentist each year and submitting a claim
  8. Dental insurance carrier reputation – Before committing to a dental insurance plan, check the reputation of the carrier providing the coverage; find out whether customers are satisfied with the coverage, and how many customers stay with the carrier after the first year

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  • Manjitsingh Bhalla ,

    You would say why I should require a dental insurance even though I keep a good care of oral health. I never compromise with dental hygiene – Yes, all good; but have you ever considered some unexpected costs that some of the (unwanted) dental issues may eat away? If not, then you must.

    Keep yourself & your family fully insured with dental coverage; a coverage that is understood completely (before signing an authoritative form) knowing what it covers and what it doesn’t. Recognize difference between medical and dental coverage and therefore their said benefits (with weaknesses as well); displayed facts are just excellent, can be a great guide to one selecting a dental insurance!

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      like this. Thank you for sharing.

      • Rito L. Medina ,

        *I am a retired senior who is on a fix income and would like to get a dental insurance that recognizes and gives discounts for our age group, and affordable with no annual limit and provides free intial exam and xrays. I live in Sacramento County in California. Please provide any help if you can

        • Ameritas Insight ,

          • Mary Margaret Thomas ,

            There are so many dental plans available. I am a senior citizen on a fixed income and have to budget my budget and expenses very carefully. I need an affordable dental plan to meet my needs and budget. I need a plan in Saratoga County New York and want a plan that is not only affordable but also where my dentist is a member. Please advise. My dentist is Dr. Herbs with Family Dentistry in Saratoga Springs, New York.

            • Ameritas Insight ,

              • Emma Woodard ,

                I need someone to contact me ASAP about done affordable insurance. I don’t need a waiting period I need it to be I full effect as soon as I pay my money

                • Patricia ,

                  I need to have my remaining teeth pulled, some have broken and may require surgery to be removed. Afterwards I’m planning to get dentures or denture implants. I live in laurel hill, nc. What is the best coverage or company for me.

                  • Ameritas Insight ,

                    • Ameritas Insight ,

                      • Todd ,

                        Need a plan that covers extactions,surgical procedures and implants

                        • Ameritas Insight ,

                          • Carlos layman ,

                            I need a excellent dental plan…

                            • Ameritas Insight ,

                              • Vernice ,

                                I need work done to my teeth bad

                                • Ameritas Insight ,

                                  If you’re looking for a dental provider, here’s a link to look someone up in your area: http://ameritas-dental.prismisp.com.
                                  Hope you’re able to get the work done you need.

                                  • Richard J. Dumas ,

                                    I am looking for Dental insurance for me and my spouse. I am 62 years of age and my wife will turn 61 in September. I just retired from teaching in July. The school system I worked for is offering coverage for $80.00 per month for both of us. This covers two cleanings per year, x-rays once per year and basically 50% coverage on fillings, root canals etc. Would you be able to offer the same coverage for less than $80.00 per month?

                                    • Ameritas Insight ,

                                      • L. Duggan ,

                                        I previously had Ameritas Dental insurance coverage for myself and my spouse which was offered through the school district I had worked and retired from. My present insurance isn’t providing the same coverage and I want to go back to Ameritas. I received a proposal online for a couple of plans, but but my attempts at filling out the application online have been unsuccessful and the application site for me is now locked. Would you advise me to call you?

                                        • Victoria Stanley ,

                                          Hi I’m looking for dental insurance that covers pretty much anything could u help me find the best insurance?

                                          • Dylan McCaugherty ,

                                            We’re sorry to hear that you’re having trouble with the online form. Please give us a call at 844-207-3755 (Toll-Free) or email sales@hpsameritas.com.

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