Employee Benefits

10 keys for effective benefits communication and employee engagement

People discovering employee engagement, benefits and health benefits while having lunch.

Most employees complain that the benefits enrollment process is confusing. They appreciate the benefits employers provide, but readily admit they don’t understand their plans and coverage options. A Harris Poll survey revealed that only 33 percent of employees pay attention to the benefits materials employers provide. The good news for employers is that developing a strategy is not complex. Discover 10 keys for effective benefits communication and employee engagement.

Communication: A straightforward process

Communication is essential to promoting any benefits program. For best results, have a solid strategy in place. Creating one is easier than you might think.

10-step process

Ameritas talked with Lindsay Kohler from Benz Communications about 10 keys to more effective benefits communication and employee engagement. Listen to this podcast to learn how these keys work together to create the framework for your communication strategy through a three-part process:

  • Establish the communication foundation, which includes the strategy, brand and online experience.
  • Develop communication messages by segmenting employees into demographic groups, sharing information in a simple format, listening to feedback and answering questions.
  • Set a budget to provide year-round benefits communication.

How do your current benefits communications and employee engagement measure up? Take this short 3-minute survey provided by Benz Communications.