Employee Benefits

Dental and Vision Benefits Link to Employee Retention

employee benefits

Benefits are more important to employees than overall pay or compensation, according to a study by the Society for Human Resource Management (2015). This makes benefits an excellent retention tool for large and small employers. A Wells Fargo study revealed that 85 percent of benefits managers believe benefits have the most impact on employee loyalty and engagement.

Research shows that medical insurance is still the number one benefit employees expect to be included in their benefits packages. However, they also want benefits that help them take care of other health needs, such as dental and vision. Consider these four reasons why:

1. Extended health care – As employers switch to high-deductible medical plans, employees are looking for ways to control costs. During routine annual exams, dentists and eye doctors often can detect serious medical problems. If the problem is caught at an early stage, employees may be able to avoid expensive medical tests or surgery.

2. Looking and feeling good – Employees want to schedule regular dental checkups to maintain good oral health and attractive smiles. They also want vision benefits so they can keep their eyes healthy and have options to purchase prescription eyewear in the latest styles.

3. Flexible coverage – Employees like choices for their dental and vision benefits. For example, employees with younger dependents may need dental with orthodontia coverage for braces, and vision coverage for yearly exams and prescription eyeglasses. Look for carriers that offer flexible plans that employees can customize to their needs.

4. Productivity – Gallup research shows that happy employees are more productive and engaged with their work. Providing benefits that encourage employee well-being is an excellent way to retain and recruit quality workers interested in their employers’ success.


Benefits communication can be challenging, but it’s an opportunity to connect with employees and show that you care. Watch this video to learn the best tactics to improve communication efforts.