Employee Benefits

4 Tips for Selecting and Communicating Employee Benefits

When choosing benefits, many employees spend less than 30 minutes reviewing their options. Many workers say they don’t understand their choices or how the benefits offered will meet their needs. Employers should invest time in selecting the insurance plans that meet workers’ needs and communicate the value of each benefit throughout the year. Here are four tips for selecting and communicating employee benefits:

Offer the right mix of benefits

A key to worker satisfaction is to offer employee benefits they need and want. Ask employees for input on benefits, including what they like and don’t like about current benefits. Find out what coverage they’d like to have, and the best ways for communicating benefits information.

Ask your broker and insurance sales agent for a utilization report on your employee benefits plans. This information will show which features and services employees use most.

Share plan information

Before annual enrollment, develop a strategy for communicating employee benefits, including a list of key messages. Several weeks before employees enroll in new benefits, provide plan details. Clearly communicate changes to existing benefits. List the dates for when the enrollment period opens and closes. Explain how employees can learn about coverage options. Make use of the company intranet, employee newsletter and benefits websites for communicating. Share tips on how employees can pick the benefits that provide the right coverage, such as knowing family medical, dental and vision needs.

Personalize communications

Explain how benefits choices will affect employees’ lives. Skip the one-size-fits-all communication style. Create messages for each employee group. Use a blend of communication options to reach employees. This could include packet mailings, broker meetings, lunch and learn sessions, newsletters, YouTube videos, charts, infographics, social media, and a list of frequently asked questions and answers. Make sure to define common insurance terms to help employees understand how it all works.

Provide monthly reminders

After the enrollment period, employees often forget benefit details. So each month, communicate information about benefits features. Tell employees about the value of preventive screenings and how workers can use, or have used, their coverage. Encourage employees to use their plans.

Benefits do a lot more than provide insurance coverage. They can keep employees happy, healthy, secure and satisfied.

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