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How to Communicate Benefits to Employees: A 6-Step Strategy

Employee benefits now account for about 30 percent of employers’ total compensation spending. However, in benefits surveys employees often comment that they don’t understand their benefit choices and are not sure how to use their plans. Employers need to make sure they have an effective benefits communication strategy in place to help employees become familiar with their benefits coverage. Review how to communicate benefits to employees using a six-step strategy.

Communications: It can be easier than you think

Communication is essential to promoting any benefits program. And the best way to create effective communications is to have a solid strategy in place. Creating an effective communications plan is easier than you think.

Six simple steps

Ameritas group talked with Jenn Benz, founder and CEO of Benz Communications, about the process for developing a successful communications plan. Benz outlined six simple steps to creating a standout benefits communication strategy to ensure your programs get the attention they deserve.

Benefits podcast

Listen to this podcast discussion to learn how to communicate benefits effectively to employees. During the podcast discussion, Benz refers to a roadmap she developed to help employers in developing their strategy. Download this guide at benzcommunications.com.

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