Employee Benefits

How to Communicate Benefits to Employees: A 6-Step Strategy

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Employee benefits count for about 30% of employers’ total compensation spending. Most employers offer benefits to help employees take care of their personal and family needs. But research shows that employees aren’t satisfied with their benefits. Many complain they don’t understand what their plans cover. And 48% of employees surveyed admit not knowing about all of their benefits. Review how to communicate benefits to employees using a six-step strategy.


Communication is essential to promoting any benefits program. And the best way to create effective communications is to have a solid strategy in place. The good news is that it’s easier than you might think. Even better, when employees know how their benefits work, and use them, they are happier and more productive.

Six simple steps

Ameritas group talked with Jenn Benz, founder and CEO of Benz Communications, about the process for developing a successful communications plan. Benz outlined six simple steps to developing a standout benefits communication strategy. Following these steps will ensure your programs get the attention they deserve.

Benefits podcast

Listen to this podcast discussion to learn how to communicate benefits effectively to employees. During the podcast discussion, Benz refers to a roadmap she developed to help employers. Download this guide at benzcommunications.com.

Employee benefits are an excellent way to attract and keep great workers. So employers should implement a year-round employee benefits communication strategy. The overall goal is to help employees become familiar with their benefits coverage. This way, they will participate in the plans and get the care they need.