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Benefits Rewards Reinforce Employee Well-being

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Engaged employees are productive, happier, healthier and more fit, Gallup research explains. They enjoy coming to work because they find satisfaction in their daily lives. Engagement is one factor of employee well-being, which involves an overall focus on total health, wellness and happiness. Health care benefits, such as dental and vision insurance, also contribute to employee satisfaction. And engaged employees appreciate being rewarded for taking care of their health and using their benefits wisely.

Reward and incentive programs serve to reinforce employee loyalty and collaboration, which in turn helps lower turnover. Many insurance carriers offer plan incentives to encourage employees to make healthy choices by focusing on preventive care and health screenings.

For example, Ameritas rewards dental plan members who get their preventive care visits each year and, as a result, usually don’t use their full dental annual maximum benefit. It’s like giving a little of the unused benefit back for when the plan member really needs it.

We encourage our dental plan members and their dependents to use their benefits and accumulate as many rewards as possible for use in the following year.

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